Midwest Industries has just announced their release of a brand new super lightweight Modular Drop-in Handguard called the MI-17SS.  This is going to be an awesome option for those of you looking to keep the weight and cost of your rifle down while having the ability to customize it to meet your needs.  The MI-17SS is made from 6061 Aluminum but according to their stats the new MI-17SS Drop-in Handguard will be lighter than your standard Plastic Handguards and will offer your choice of either polymer or aluminum modular rail sections.  With the MI-17SS you’ll also have 5 anti-rotation QD slots for attaching your two-point sling to.  Another good thing to point out about this style of handguard is that it requires no gunsmithing at all to install due to its 2 piece construction.  Just simply remove the plastic handguards and replace them with the new ones.  The tab at the rear of the new handguard will fill in the rail gap above the Delta Ring that is prevalent when using many other handguards.  Check out the details and pictures below.  

MI is proud to release the newest handguard to the market. Lighter than GI plastic, with the most modularity of any handguard available the MI-17SS is packed full of features leaving excess weight behind.

This drop in handguard allows the user to put polymer rails where they need them, and leaves a very sturdy yet comfortable handguard where they do not. No need for rail covers to protect your hand from rail space you are not using, the MI-17SS does it all. With five anti rotation QD sockets, two on either side and one in the forward position on the bottom giving you the ability to put your sling where you need it when you need it.

The modular rail sections which come in polymer colors of Black, Flat Dark Earth, and Foliage Green match the BCM Mod 0 and Mod 1 GunFighter grips and can be placed where needed on the handguard. Aluminum rail sections will be available for sale as well.

Carbine length handguards weigh in at an incredible 5.7 oz with no rails and 6.6 oz with all three rails this handguard adds virtually no weight to a standard carbine. Compare weights below.

Not only is this handguard light but is it comfortably slim as well. The MI-17SS has a continues monolithic type top rail T- marked for accessories locations and which gives it a height of 2.25″ and a width of 1.825″ (without added rails)

Constructed of 6061 aluminum and treated with a type III hardcoat anodizing this handguard has been built to provide a lifetime of service to its user.

Like everything MI this handguard is 100% made in the U.S.A.  and is backed by our Lifetime Warranty.

Weight Comparison:

Standard plastic handguards weigh in at 6.1 oz
GI double heat shield handguards weigh in at 6.8 oz
MI-17SS without rail sections 5.7 oz and with all three rail sections 6.6 oz.

Retail Price:
Carbine –– $144.95
Midlength –– coming soon (being run on Monday 6/18/12)
Rifle –– coming soon

We will begin shipping Monday June 18th
Please call the shop to order and tell them sent you.  262-896-6780