With the new Magpul MS3 QD shipping to dealers, there will undoubtedly be many people putting their barely used Magpul MS3 Gen1 on the shelf and spending another $60 to get the new QD version.  Normally I’m telling you guys to go buy the latest and greatest but I personally would rather try to upgrade my Gen1 MS3 at a cheaper price.  Now what I’m going to show you below is not rocket science nor is it my idea.  I just think without actually showing how simple yet effective it is many people will just buy the new MS3 QD.  I told you guys last week about the new Damage Industries D Loop QD sling attachments that they came out with.  I took the pictures below to show you guys how well they worked with my Magpul MS3 Gen1 to create my own version of an MS3 QD.  The new “D” shaped ring on these QD’s makes more of a difference than I had originally anticipated.  The sling doesn’t feel like its binding up or fighting against the QD because it stays in the smooth arched area of the ring instead of twisting and slipping from one side to the other as with a standard Webbing Ring QD.  Check out the pics below!   

Like I said, I’m no genius for doing this.  I just wanted to show you that you don’t need to spend another $60 on the new Magpul MS3 QD.  Instead just spend $14.95 on a “D” Loop QD from