Mission Adapted Design LogoThe M.A.D.  Hookup is a pretty cool new sling attachment point from a company called Mission Adapted Design.  The Hookup mounts to the rear of the receiver and utilizes a wide “kidney bean” shaped loop that will work well with pretty much any type of sling attachment other than a QD. 

Instead of removing the End Plate and replacing it with a new Sling Attachment End Plate the Hookup actually clamps right onto the buffer tube in between the castle nut and the butt-stock.  The Mod-Free design is important for one reason.  Many of us take for granted that we have the right and ability to totally customize our own rifles to make them work and feel however suits us.  However, most Law Enforcement Officers are restricted by their departments as to what, if any, modificati0nns they can make to their duty weapons.  If they wanted to add a rear sling attachment option to their duty rifle this is one of very few ways it can be done.  

MAD Hookup

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It does look like it would be a great option for those who enjoy the Magpul ASAP style sling attachment and want that same feel on their duty rifle or just don’t want to disassemble their personal rifle to install one.   The only thing I would like to see in say a Gen 2 version would be QD attachment compatibility as well.  It still looks like a very nice sling attachment if you’re looking for one.  Check out the rest of the details below. 

The M.A.D. Hook Up meets the mission requirements of Law Enforcement, Military and Home Defenders who need a connection point for tactical slings without modifying their M4/AR style rifles.  The Hook Up is compatible with HK style hooks, MASH hooks, snap shackles, snap clips (like those on Magpul’s MS3) and strap adapters.  Heavily tested by LE and military personnel, the Hook Up design allows smooth transitions and eliminates rotation issues under even the most arduous conditions.

No weapon disassembly, stock removal or special tools required!

  • Mod-Free Design
  • Ambidextrous
  • Allows Smooth Weapon Transitions
  • Fixed Loop For Easy One-handed Sling Disconnect/Reconnect Under Stress
  • Preserves Factory Staking of Castle Nut
  • Melonite Finish Withstands Harsh Use
  • Use With Single & Two Point Slings
  • CNC Machined from Ordinance Steel
  • Easy Instillation
  • 100% USA Made  Small Made in USA flag


Check out the M.A.D. Hookup at MissionAdaptedDesign.com

If you really want to up the Ambidextriosity (I just made that up!) on your rifle you can purchase the M.A.D. Hookup and a Battle Arms Development Ambi Safety Selector combo pack from BattleArmsDevelopment.com.