Elzetta Logo 1One of the things I love most about the AR-15 is that its pretty rare to see that someone else built one exactly the same way I did.  There’s always something different, maybe the color, maybe the grip or the stock, etc.  That’s typically not the case when it comes to items such as your weapon light.  Chances are you’ve got a couple of the same ones I do.  Even if they’re a different model it probably still looks very similar…..unless you purchased an Elzetta ZFL-M60 and customized it through their online Custom Shop.  Did you know their is already 72 different configurations you can create when ordering your ZFL-M60?  As if that amount of customization wasn’t enough now you can pay just $10 more and have them custom engrave anything you want, such as your name, right on the side of the flashlight.  No more having someone pick your flashlight up and try to argue that it was theirs.  If you’re not familiar with Elzetta’s reputation you should definitely search “Elzetta ZFL-M60 Torture Test” and watch the videos that come up.  Check out the rest of the information listed below then get yourself one of the best lights on the planet.  

Elzetta Custom Shop

“Not content with 72 configurations of our Elzetta ZFL-M60 Flashlights, we are pleased to announce the new Elzetta Custom Shop Program. Now, in addition to choosing your Bezel, Malkoff LED Module, Body, and Tailcap, for an additional $10, you can get custom factory laser engraving on your Elzetta ZFL-M60 Flashlight to make your Elzetta Light truly your own.”