RAINIER ARMS LOGO 2Last month, like many other people, I signed up to be notified when the initial release of the Rainier Arms RAPTOR Ambi Charging Handle was going down.  I’m a big Rainier Arms fan and know they wouldn’t put their name on something unless it was pretty amazing.  So needless to say I was extremely excited a couple weeks ago to see an email pop up on my phone telling me that I could order one of the first 300 RAPTOR’s off the line.  I was in my car on the way home so I figured I would wait another 10 minutes and order once I’m in the safety of my driveway at home.  My excitement turned to disappointment when in that 10 minutes they had completely sold out of the first 300.   Well, back to waiting for the next batch….or maybe not.  

Our 4th of July was pretty uneventful, nice 98 degree weather….until a huge storm came through and knocked out power to our entire city.  Time to get out the generator.  Yesterday was even hotter and not looking like it would be a great day.  I came home last night and guess what, the power was back on.  As if that wasn’t a good enough way to end the day I also checked the mail and I found a package had arrived from none other than Rainier Arms.  My good buddy John had sent me my very own set of RAPTOR’s.  It was literally like Christmas in July! 

Rainier Arms Raptor

I was so excited I had to open all three of them and check them out, take some pics, etc.  Honestly, it was after 11pm so the picture is pretty terrible but it was the best I could do that late at night.  The fit and finish of the RAPTOR is extremely clean and definitely screams high quality.  In the coming weeks I will get some real time using them and report back with a more in depth review but for now I can tell you these are worth the wait and $$ if you haven’t already ordered one.  

If you would like to be notified when the next batch are available for purchase again, follow this link to and sign up.