A while back…well actually a long while back, like almost a year ago long, I was asked by Gerber Military to do a review on their DMF (Dual Multi Function) Automatic folder.  It came as a pleasant surprise to me as I was planning on purchasing a new knife and had been looking at that exact knife online already.  I filled out some required paperwork and about a week later I had a DMF Auto in my hands.  I’ve had quite a lot of time using this knife so below I’ll give you my first hand experience with the Gerber Military DMF Auto, the new Downrange Sharpener and then give you some information on the Gerber Professional Purchase Program.    

There were a few things that initially drew me towards this specific knife.  First, I didn’t want something run of the mill that you would see any old hunter carrying.  The DMF Auto is a great looking folder with a serrated Tanto style blade so first criteria met.  The second was I liked the fact that this was an “AUTO” meaning that the blade was spring activated and deployed by using one of the ambidextrous tabs.  Third was that I am very familiar with Gerber knives and have always enjoyed the quality of these knives.

Gerber DMG Auto 1

As you can imagine the first thing I wanted to do when I received the DMF Auto was not to sit down and read the manual first.  Nope!  I wanted to see the new knife in action so I immediately pulled down on the blade release button but nothing happened.  Upon further inspection I realized there was a lock built into the back of the handle to keep any accidental activation from happening which is why it wouldn’t open.  Duh!!  Should have read the manual.  Once unlocked the blade snaps open very quickly and locks in place.

Gerber DMG Auto 5

Now that the blade is opened you can really see how awesome this thing looks.  The blade is made of S30V Steel which will help it keep a nice sharp edge and has a nice aggressive look with the combo of the Serrations and Tanto style.  It can be locked into the open position as well by using the same lock on the back of the handle.

I also had the pleasure of using the brand new Gerber Downrange Sharpener on this knife.  Even though the blade holds a nice sharp edge very well its always nice to be able to keep the blade as sharp as possible.  I’ve been using the new sharpener for a few weeks now and I really like how it works.  It features a Carbide sharpener to quickly achieve a sharp edge, a flat diamond-coated plate for finishing the edge and two different sized diamond-coated rods for touching up those impossible to sharpen serrations.  The Downrange Sharpener is definitely a nice addition for anyone who likes to abuse their knives.

Gerber DMG Auto and Downrange Sharpener

Another nice feature of the DMF Auto is that it features an ambidextrous pocket clip.  Using the supplied torx wrench you can easily remove a few screws and place it on the other side.  So you lefty’s can carry it in your left pocket as well without feeling like you need to spin it around to open it.  The handle is covered in black G10 scales.  These help keep the weight down while giving it a great look.  It also features a Glass Breaking Strike Point built right into the pommel of the knife.

Gerber DMG Auto and Downrange Sharpener

Overall I really have enjoyed the DMF Auto.  Its a very high quality Automatic Folder with a great style too.  I did have one small issue with the knife in the beginning which was that the G10 cutout around the blade release button had a very sharp edge left and I ended up cutting my thumb from opening it.  I just lightly roughed up the edge and that was the last time I ever felt it.  Another thing I did notice is that because of the spring action the joint didn’t feel as smooth as my Gerber SAH but it doesn’t really matter since it opens all by itself. 

Gerber has set up a special Professional Purchase Program for these types of knives and other tactical items.  The PPP will give you discounted pricing and the ability to purchase Automatic folders directly from the Gerber website.  All you need to do is register an account online, submit a copy of your “Professional” credentials and you’re good to go!  The PPP is available to all Federal, State and Local LEO’s; Fire/EMS; Active Duty Military: Reserves/Auxiliary/National Guard; Retired Military and Government employees.  This keeps these enhanced items out of irresponsible hands and creates easy access for those who really need them.  You can get more information and register for the Gerber Professional Purchase Program at Pro.MilitaryGerber.com.

You can view the additional images and specs of the DMF Auto at GerberGear.com/Military

There is obviously no restriction on the purchase of the Gerber Downrange Sharpener.  If you would like more information you can view it here at GerberGear.com/Tactical.