BattleComp Logo 1For the past few months the guys over at BattleComp have been teasing us with pics of these cool new “Hybrid” BattleComp / AAC 51T suppressor mounts.  Every time another pic surfaces tons of people have been screaming “I want that so bad!”  “I’m in!!”  “I’ll take two!” , etc.  So now’s your chance.  BattleComp is now accepting orders for this popular modification which will mate either your current AAC 51T Blackout or AAC 51T Breakout Suppressor Mount to a new BattleComp.  I was thinking they would be charging an arm and a leg to do this but its only $6 more than buying just a standard BC1.0 buy itself.  This is great news for those looking to have the best of both worlds combining a great compensator with the option of being able to quickly mount their Suppressor.  Check out the details below.   

Battlecomp AAC 51T

AAC 51T Modification Service

We have been overwhelmed by customers who want an AAC 51T/BattleComp Hybrid.

Here is what we can offer:

Send us your 51T Brakeout or Blackout and we will modify your existing unit and affix a BattleComp to it.  This will require your actual 51T unit for modification.

Estimated delivery:  At least 4 weeks.

You can order this modification service directly from