Haley Strategic Partners logoThe Haley Strategic Partners Knowledge Channel Blog may not be the most active blog in the world but I can tell you I’m on there at least every other day looking to see if they’ve got any new videos up to check out.  The videos cover anything from Shooting Drills, Survival Info and Weapons Manipulation to Weapon Setup, New Products and New Courses.  They have quite a few videos up to take a look at and just the other day they added a set of FREE downloadable targets as well.  I think it says a lot about HSP the company in general that they are willing to share info with their fans even if you aren’t a paying customer.  Regardless of your skill level there is a good chance you can learn something from Travis Haley.  When you get a chance, take the time to check out the Haley Strategic Partners Knowledge Channel Blog by clicking the image or link below.  –  Ben 

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