Palmetto State Armory Logo 2I’m not sure how well this new comp works as I’ve never used one but they definitely look pretty fierce.  The Pigsticker Comp features 50 holes that redirect the blast upwards which, as the name “Comp” indicates, compensates for muzzle rise to assist in quick target acquisition for faster followup shots.  There are already a few comps on the market that use many holes to redirect the blast gases such as BattleComp, Spikes Tactical and Ares Armor.  PSA decided to add some very aggressive personal deterrent prongs on the end of the comp as well to make it stand out a bit.  The details says its just over 2 inches long.  I prefer a bit shorter of design, 1.5″ would be just find but that’s just my personal preference.  Check out the pics and details below.  

PSA Pigsticker 1

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PSA “Pigsticker” Hybrid Compensator.

A fifty port hybrid compensator, machined in stainless steel and then Isonite QPQ Nitrocarburized.   The fifty gas ports directs blast up, forcing the muzzle down for quicker follow up shots.   Comp is finished with a very aggressive end.    With a length of 2.21″, when permanently attached to a 14.5″ barrel the overall length will be greater than 16″. Pre-drilled for pinning at the 6 o-clock position.

Perfect for dispatching zombies when the ammo runs low, this evil muzzle device has an edge so vicious it can be dangerous to touch.

PSA “Pigsticker” Compensator
Stainless steel construction
Nitro carburized finish
Aggressive end design
1/2 – 28 thread pitch
Designed for 5.56mm
Pre-drilled for pinning
Length: 2.21″
Weight: 3.2 ounces

Take a look at the Pigsticker Comp at