Seekin Precision Logo 1For many of you, when I say “Seekins Precision” you know already know exactly who they are.  For the rest of you, all I need to do is show you a picture of their SP223 billet lower and you’ll go “Oh, they make that sweet lower?  Cool!”.  So whether you know it or not, you know!  LoL!  Seekins has just introduced their new Adjustable Gas block.  The new gas block was designed to allow the operator of a suppressed rifle to fine tune the gas system.  There are obviously a few other adjustable gas blocks on the market but knowing first hand the type of high end products Seekins Precision produces you’ll have a hard time finding one that matches up in the quality department.  Not to mention that many of your high end adjustable gas blocks are in the $100 range while the Seekins Precision model is about half that price.  

Adjustable Gas Block 1

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Seekins Precision’s Adjustable Gas Block allows you to fine tune your rifles gas system. The gas block is designed to be field adjustable. No need for locktite with the locking brass setscrew!

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