Diamondhead LogoThere’s not a ton of information available about this awesome new looking handguard from Diamondhead USA just yet but you can be sure I’m already working on getting the details.  So far we know it’s a handguard (not a quad rail) that is modular in that it will have available accessories for it such as small rail sections, etc. that will mount to it.  The design is definitely very unique and will probably work nice for the 3-Gun community as well.  You can tell from the side view below that its mounted by clamping onto a standard barrel nut.  This allows it to be a free floating rail and also allows the 12 o’clock rail section to be one continuous flow with the upper receiver.  Check out the pics and what little details there are below.   These are apparently in-stock but you’ll probably have to call Diamondhead USA as they are not on the website just yet.   Contact info and website link are all listed below.    

Diamondhead V RS T Handguard 1

T-TIME! The sensational Diamondhead V RS T Free Floating Handguard is now in stock. It has recently been re-stylized from the original model shown in the 2012 catalog. Available in three lengths: 10.25″, 13.5″ & 15″. Let us know what you think of the V-RS T.

Diamondhead V RS T Handguard 2

Call Diamondhead USA at 413-739-6970 or email them at [email protected] for purchase information as these are not available on the website as of 7-26-12.  You can keep checking the website as well at