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If you’re looking for some affordable armor plates for your carrier these new Strike Plates by Strike Industries may be just what you’re looking for.  If you don’t need rifle rated armor, they’re definitely worth taking a look at and are very affordable.  You can choose from Large and Small sizes too.  We all know how expensive plates can get.  Check out the details, pics and video below. 

The Strike Industries NIJ Level IIIA Stand Alone Plates exceeds Level IIIA specifications and withstands all resistance testing required for NIJ standard 0101.06 body armor certification and in addition exceeds NIJ STAB-III requirements for edged weapon and spike penetration resistance.  The laminated construction also resists blunt trauma from clubs or thrown objects by spreading the force imparted to a larger surface.  The SI Stand Alone Plates are constructed of lightweight, weaved fiber composition and covered with rubberized coating.  Designed for the civilian market, the SI Strike Plate does not require certification and can be purchased in any authorized dealer.    

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    Large Stand Alone Plate

    • 10” x 13” x .55” (14mm thick)
    • Oversized with 20% more coverage than average
    • Weighs 5lbs
    • NIJ Level IIIA certified
    • Multi-hit capability


    Small Stand Alone Plate
    • 9” x 12” x .55” (14mm thick)
    • Weighs 4lbs, 6oz
    • NIJ Level IIIA certified
    • Multi-hit capability


You can purchase the new Strike Industries  SI Strike Plates at