Palmetto State Armory Logo 2Whether you’re building an AR-15 that you know is gonna be roughed up a bit and don’t care who put the first scratch on it, building one with plans of custom coloring in mind or just looking for the cheapest overall build you should take a look at Palmetto State Armory’s latest Deal of the Day!  They are offering their blemished stripped 7075-t6 upper receivers at a smoking deal.  These are purely cosmetic blemishes and will not in any way change the function or reliability of the rifle at all.  So if you’re not looking to build your next “Safe Queen” rifle, save a few bucks and get one of these blem upper receivers.  Check out the purchase details and pics below.  

PSA blemished upper 1

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Stripped A3 Flattop Upper Receiver. This forged 7075-T6 A3 AR upper is hard coat anodized black for durability.

Blemished upper receivers may have cosmetic blemishes in the finish (This may include some discoloration of the finish coat, scratches, marks in the forging under the finish or exterior dings) . Some of these uppers will be T-Marked some will not have any T-Marks. All blemishes will be cosmetic only and will not affect fit or function of the upper.   The upper you receive will be pulled at random – there is no hand pick or preferred selections.

These would make perfect candidates for a duracoat project, or for a good work or trunk gun.

You can purchase your own blemished upper receiver at