Blue Force Gear LogoThis new product from Blue Force Gear is pretty awesome.  Its called the R.E.D. Swivel which is a completely redesigned QD Swivel that addresses a safety that has been around for quite some time.  R.E.D. stands for Rapid Emergency Detachment.  The QD Loop is quickly becoming the fan favorite for mounting slings but they can be a real pain to operate at times.  The buttons on the standard QD mounts are so small and are not in the most user friendly spot, now couple this with the use of gloves or use under extreme stressful situations and you can see why there’s an issue.  As BFG puts it “Trapped in a burning bird or stuck in a sinking HMMWV – you can’t let your weapon hold you back.”  The new R.E.D. Swivel incorporates a pull release instead of a push release making it much easier to get yourself out of a pretty sticky situation.  Check out the rest of the details and pics below!  

Blue Force Gear RED Swivel 1

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Trapped in a burning bird or stuck in a sinking HMMWV – you can’t let your weapon hold you back. The Rapid Emergency Detachment™ (RED™) swivel replaces standard sling push buttons swivels with a pull cord emergency release. Even in the heat, if you can grip with a finger, thumb or teeth, you can release the RED™ swivel and detach your sling with less than seven pounds of force. Finally, weapons have an emergency release just like a parachute reserve or an ejection seat – because easy’s not a button.

–   Pull Button – it’s easier and faster to detach, ’cause easy is not a button

–   Fits in standard push button sockets – you don’t have to buy an extra attachment

–   10 degree activation radius – detaches when you want, not when you don’t

–   1 to 2 point sling – one comfortable sling for various scenarios

–   Patent Pending – you have the genuine, original product

–   Phosphated, machined steel – prevents rust and corrosion, so it looks newer and functions better longer

–   Aircraft grade seven strand stainless steel cable – if the coating wears away over time, the cable won’t

–   4 stainless ball bearings

–   7lbs. to activate

–   300lb breakage strength

–   Sphereo-conical shaped knob – just enough grab: not to get snagged

–   Stainless steel spring

Every time weapon is lubed, the RED™ swivel should also be lubed to keep it functioning smooth.

As with all Blue Force Gear, it is made with excellence in the USA and carries our limited lifetime warranty.

You can purchase the new Blue Force Gear R.E.D. Swivel at