If you have a 6.8 SPC chambered AR15 then you might want to check out this pre-order of the XS Products 6.8 High Capacity Drum Mags.  They currently make 50 Round Drum Mags for the .223 and .308 rounds.  For being one of the first to order you will get the introductory price of $175 instead of the retail price of $260.  If you’re interested, take a moment to read the details below and then click the link to pre-order yours. 

AR-15 6.8 High Capacity Magazine

The X-15 6.8 is the first dedicated drum magazine to be designed for the 6.8 mm Remington Special Purpose Cartridge. The magazine will be slightly larger than the existing .223 drum as the case diameter of the 6.8 is .045 an inch larger at the base, increasing the overall diameter of the X-15 by a .25 of an inch. The magazine will be designed specifically for this cartridge and will be based on our coil magazine technology. All components will be manufactured from billet 6061 aluminum, and steel, with an estimated overall dry weight of 1.5 lbs. Pre-Orders accepted and we will not commence production until we have 200 orders, if the minimum production requirement is not met by November 15th 2012 we will refund all pre-orders. If the purchase quantity is met, production will commence November and estimated expected delivery will be February 2013.

We’ve been using and selling their AR15 & X25 308 Drum mags and they work amazing. Much more robust than the polymer BETA-C Mags from our first hand experience.

Retail is $260 but INTRO PRICE of $175  –  CLICK HERE TO PRE-ORDER