TAREINCO LOGOJust wanted to give you guys a sneak peek at a really awesome new product my buddy Mark at TAREINCO is starting to produce.  He does some awesome Tactical Nylon work and this latest project is pretty sweet.  Most of us have had experience with Tactical Lights and the use of Tape Switches for activation.  And as such most of us have also had to deal with the pain of figuring out where we want the Tape Switch mounted and how to route the cord.  Mark is calling his new product the TAREINCO Tape Switch Holder.  The design and concept is pretty simple but but sometimes that is the best.  We tend to screw things up when over complicate them.    

The Tape Switch Holder is basically an elastic strap that slides over the handguard / rail system and can be positioned pretty much where ever you want.  It has loops or sleeves sewn in that are designed to hold onto the tap switch and also help manage the wire which can be quite a pain some times.  The following images are of the Black model but the cool thing is they can be made in pretty much any color.  Just FYI.  The Tape Switch Holder is much tighter than it looks in these pictures. 

TAREINCO Tape Switch Holder 3

As you’ll see in the picture below, the Tape Switch Holder utilizes 5 different sleeves so you put the Tape Switch wherever you want it.  No more removing the sticky backed velcro and remounting it in different places.  It can also be rotated to the bottom of the handguard / rail incase you want to try running the Tape Switch underneath to be activated by your fingers instead of thumb.  In the last picture below you can see that if needed you can stretch it out just enough to get it over a Front Sight.  I was also noting that depending on the type of optic or optic mount it may be easier to install by separating the upper and lower receiver and sliding it on from the rear especially if you are running just Iron Sights.  Otherwise you will probably have to remove the light that you are running to get this on first. 

TAREINCO Tape Switch Holder 3

TAREINCO Tape Switch Holder 3

I guess the biggest question from most people will be durability.  Mark noted that he would recommend installing this over rail covers like the Magpul Ladder Rail Covers like in the photos above.  This will help mostly with keeping it from snagging or wearing on the picatiny.  Mark has already started pumping these babies out.  As you can see in the picture below they will be available in all the usual colors which are black, coyote brown and foliage green.

TAREINCO Tape Switch Holder 6 colors

You can purchase the Tape Switch Holder for just $6 with FREE SHIPPING at  Don’t forget to check out all of his awesome handmade Tactical Nylon gear (VTP Sling is amazing) and other great products too.  You can also follow TAREINCO on Facebook too.