Spikes Tactical logo 2Every once in a while I run across a deal that makes me go “If only I had seen this 2 weeks ago!”.  This Spikes Tactical ELITE 16″ CHF5.56 Complete Upper is one such deal.  This complete upper uses a 16″ Cold Hammer Forged barrel made by FN that is turned to Spikes Tactical’s Optimum Barrel Profile which is a nice medium between a Government profile and a Lightweight profile.  It will also come with a Spikes NiB (Nickle Boron) M16 Bolt Carrier Group.  I have been running NiB BCG’s in my AR’s for a while and they sure are a ton easier to clean and run smoother.  I still run them wet though.  They then finish off the upper with a agpul MOE handguard, A2 FSB and a standard Charging Handle.  Once again, when you total this up, piece by piece, you couldn’t build this nice of an upper for the same price.  Take a look at the pics, specs and purchase details below.     

AIM Spikes 16 CHF Elite Complete Upper NiB BCG 1

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The Heart of the New ST Elite Mid-Length upper is the FN Cold Hammer Forged barrel and Spike’s HPT/MPI Nickel Boron M16 Bolt Carrier Group.  These Amazing CHF 1:7″ twist barrels are extremely durable with a 20,000+ round service life. These CHF barrels are turned to Spike’s New Optimum barrel Profile. This profile is lighter than government profile but beefier than a lightweight profile.

The barrels utilize a Forged F-Marked A2 front sight base which is taper pinned to the barrel in the Mid-Length location.  The barrels have a .750″ gas block seat with a properly sized gas port and the muzzle is threaded concentric with 1/2×28 threads.  These barrels are made to the Mil-Spec for the M249 SAW. They are the correct Certified CMV material and they are also Hard Chrome lined to the M249 SAW Mil-Spec, which is almost 2X as thick as the Hard Chrome on a Mil-Spec M4.  Each barrel is HPT and MPI.  They have Mil-Spec M4 barrel extensions, Mil-Spec Phosphate finish on the outside (under the front sight base as well).  These New ST Elite uppers also include a Forged charging handle, Nickel Boron M16 HPT/MPI Bolt Carrier Group, Magpul MOE Mid-Length handguards, Melonited gas tubes.

Purchase this Spikes Tactical ELITE 16″ CHF 5.56 Complete Upper with NiB BCG for just $629.95 with FREE SHIPPING.