TacStrike Logo NEWNow is the time to buy if you’re interested in getting some Target Carriers from TacStrike.  Right now. TacStike has ALL of their Target Carriers on sale.  This includes the very popular and affordable Arched Base carrier, the very nice CPaSS (Carrier Portable and Self Staking) carrier and more.  Another item that is on sale is their Target Carrier Extension.  This is something you should look into if the targets you intend to shoot is either 24 or 30 inches wide instead of the usual 18″ paper targets.  These attach to any of the carriers listed on their website that use a 2″x2″ carrier pocket.  Head on over and check this deal out.  This is a great opportunity to get some top notch practice gear at a really good price. 

Check out the TacStrike Target Carrier Sale at TacStrike.com!