Double Star logoDoubleStar just announced the other day that they have added two new barrels to their lineup which is already pretty extensive.  The two new barrels are both CHF or Cold Hammer Forged.  Cold Hammer Forging is a process which hardens the barrel steel which makes it more durable.  These are available in HBAR (Heavy Barrel) and M4 (Government Profile).  Both have pretty much the exact same stats other than a minimal difference in weight between the two styles.  16″, 1/7 twist, CMV (Chrome Moly Vanadium) and each barrel is high pressure tested and magnetic particle inspected and then phosphate coated.  You can choose between a stripped barrel for $250 or assembled with forged “F” front sight tower, taper pins, barrel nut, and handguard cap.  I wouldn’t say that these are the deal of the century but the fact is that these are in-stock and we all know how hard it is to find quality AR parts right now.  Check em out.  Might be the right barrel for your next build.  

DoubleStar CHF Barrel

DoubleStar CHF HBAR Profile Barrel

Click HERE to purchase the DoubleStar CHF HBAR barrel.

DoubleStar CHF M4 Govt Profile Barrel

Click HERE to purchase the DoubleStar CHF M4 barrel.

**Note:  The images on the JTDistributing website are incorrect.  The M4 profile is on the HBAR page and the HBAR is on the M4 page.  Just FYI.  That’s why I listed the links and images above as they are the correct combo.  –  Ben**