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Many of you up until very recently had never heard of PNW Arms and that was exactly how they liked it.  For years, PNW Arms has quietly delivered high quality ammunition for specialized customers both domestic and abroad.  With their recent desire to join the civilian ammunition market we are finally getting a glimpse at just what 007 type stuff they’ve become known for.  When someone says “Navy SEAL” or “Special Forces” we instantly picture images of the brave men and women serving our country in desert conditions while over in Afghanistan or Iraq but we don’t often think as much about Maritime Warfare and what special needs they have. 

The video below shows the world’s first production run Supercavitating Underwater Bullet.  Supercavitation is where a fast moving object goes through liquid in such a way that it causes a gas bubble to form around the object allowing it to continue moving through the liquid at a much higher rate of speed than is usually possible because of the lack of friction.  You might think you’ve seen underwater bullets before or that it sounds like all bullets should do that but they’re nothing like this!  In fact there’s a lot of science that has gone into this technology and it is becoming broadly available in the USA thanks to PNW Arms!  That’s why their tag line is “Weapons Science”.

The specific round PNW Arms is shooting in the video below is their 300AAC Blackout Underwater Bullet.  Mark from PNW Arms said “Typically .308 bullets will only go through three to four (3-4) jugs at most. This example shows it going through 13 one gallon jugs, a steel plate, and then another jug. In water borne operations this general purpose version of the projectile can go over 15 meters underwater and then have positive effects on target.”  Check out the awesome video below.

PNW Arms 300 Blackout Underwater Bullet

That video was amazing and I’m pretty sure there’s more where that came from!  If you haven’t already, take a peak over at  They have an awesome new website coming soon that will be very interactive with tons of video and content you’ll enjoy.  I’ll be sure to let you know as soon as that launches.  It could be literally any moment. 

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