Palmetto State Armory Logo 2I think Palmetto State Armory wanted to get to your wallet before everyone else did this Labor Day weekend.  That’s why they started their Labor Day Weekend sale at the middle of the week!  This may sound very selfish of them but to be very honest, they are doing you a favor.  These deals are absolutely awesome and aren’t just on their uppers like usual.  They also have LPK’s, Complete Lower Build kits, BCG’s etc on sale as well.  I’m not sure I know of another time where they’ve had multiple FN made CHF (Cold Hammer Forged) barreled uppers available for less than $300.  To put that in perspective, retail on the CHF uppers are $400+.  Instead of buying some cheap knockoff Chinese laser because “it was a good deal” from some other company, head on over to Palmetto State Armory and get in on some of these smoking deals.  Don’t wait too long though…this stuff will start selling out quick.  Click the images below to see the corresponding sale on Palmetto State Armory’s website.

PSA Labor Day Upper Madness

PSA Labor Day AR-15 Parts Sale