“The Mute” is a recently announced, non-metallic, no baffle suppressor for your firearm. It’s intriguing for a number of reasons, and we’re looking forward to seeing if reality meets seeming potential.

Here’s a quick look:


This is the release received by AR 15 News:

The Mute Suppressor

The Mute offers a combination of durability, low weight, and excellent sound reduction without baffles. Utilizing the Venturi Effect, the non-metallic can was designed to remain incredibly cool, making it mild to the touch and allowing you to remove The Mute after firing.

Shooting The Mute polymer AR 15 suppressor

This product integrates self-thermal regulation via the Thermal Shroud function. Our proprietary D28 material and next-gen unibody construction methods reduce recoil and regulate the heat for less mirage, muzzle rise, and blowback. The highest level in all details ensures best in class performance.

Works in unison with the flash hider (included) by mounting directly over the device.

The Mute quickly attaches to a flash hider.

The Mute quickly attaches to its mated flash hider.

Revolutionary Material

This suppressor’s design integrates self-thermal regulation via the Thermal Shroud, which greatly reduces heat, mirage, muzzle rise, felt recoil, and sound compared to an unsuppressed firearm. Our proprietary D28 material and next-gen unibody construction methods deliver the highest level in all details and ensure best-in-class performance.

Next-Gen Design

This is a baffle-less nonmetallic design consisting of a thermal shroud and flash hider mount. Incorporating advanced manufacturing techniques and our proprietary D28 material, The Mute’s innovations result in a sleek and resilient unibody, with excellent thermal regulation and portability.

"The Mute" sound suppressor, business end.

“The Mute” sound suppressor, business end.


As the bullet travels through the mute, gases are focused out the front vent, bringing cool air in from the rear. The more rounds you fire the more air is cycled through allowing the Mute to cool faster.


The intended purpose is to not trap and cool, rather direct gas through the thermal shroud. The improved thermal shroud instead uses a venturi effect to mitigate the heat. The average temperature is 97°F – 120°F even with intense rapid-fire. The exterior wall is tame to the touch allowing you to remove the Mute even after intensive shooting compared to traditional suppressors.

Learn more about these interesting new Quick Detach (QD) suppressors at the-mute.com.