When spending a day at the range, you’ll probably notice gun enthusiasts trying out a newly built AR with modified upper receivers or recently acquired optic systems they’ve mounted on their pistols.

If you take a moment to observe, you’ll notice enthusiasts from young beginners to older veterans and everywhere in between. You’ll probably encounter one or many who make strong statements with their shot placements and even stronger messages with the types of apparel they wear.

Although many companies make shooting apparel, accessories, and gear for modern-day gun owners, only a few brands consistently incorporate steadfast 2A or second amendment patriotism into every bolt of material and stitch sown.

USA Shirt from Nine Line Apparel on white background

Companies such as Tactical Tees, Nine Line Apparel, and Warrior Code are three brands you can count on to deliver quality gear and apparel that’s both durable and comfortable.

These companies are veteran-owned and operated with second amendment mission statements deeply engrained in everything done inside the factory and when interacting with their customers and the community.

When wearing 2 A apparel from any of these companies, you will have the opportunity to proudly announce your support and patriotism without ever saying a word.

Nine Line Apparel

Regardless of the branch, there are only a few who served or currently serve in the military or law enforcement that won’t instantly recognize the term, Nine Line. Nine Line is a call sign requesting the medical evacuation of a fallen soldier on the battlefield.

Woman Wearing a Nine Line Clothing Tank Top

To all who served and those currently in service, Nine Line Apparel represents continued patriotism, hope, trust, and love of all those around you. Nine Line’s mission is to create nothing but the best quality apparel with a guarantee that the folks at Nine Line will always have their customer’s six.

Established in 2012, Nine Line has relentlessly pursued all things patriotic and believes in giving back to their customers, supporting several initiatives that provide aid and donations to military charitable organizations and ongoing help to multiple disaster charities each year.

In addition, Nine Line has established a foundation that routinely contributes to several different community organizations each year.

From tailgate hoodies to Tees, shirts, and everyday carry gear, Nine Line offers customers a wide choice of 2A apparel at reasonable prices and backs each of them with pride. Nine Line also offers limited-time design apparel for both men and women. They are also dedicated to keeping as many products American made as possible.

One such favorite is their Thin Orange Line series of Tees, hoodies, and long-sleeved shirts supporting the SAR efforts of rescue teams with the caption – No One Left Behind- proudly emblazoned beneath the logo.

Nine Line prices these specialty limited time designs competitively, so be sure to take home several of each before they’re gone.

Warrior Code

Another company specializing in second amendment apparel is Warrior Code. In the office areas and on the manufacturing floor of Warrior Code, words such as loyalty, courage, honesty, and endurance aren’t abstract nouns you find in the dictionary but a way of life.

While Warrior Code offers quality selections of Tees, hoodies, and long-sleeved shirts that are light-weight, durable, and comfortable to wear, the company also dedicates an entire section of 2A apparel. Warrior Code features Tees for all male and female patriots who believe in the second amendment and a citizen’s right to bear arms.

Founded in 2015, Warrior Code has spent the last seven years offering its customer base the best quality shirts, hoodies, and 2A specific shirts, along with a wide variety of caps and gear such as coffee mugs, dog tags, and decals.

These comfortable Tees from Warrior Code come in a fantastic assortment of colors and sizes, each with a 2A message boldly imprinted on the shirt. One of the more popular 2A style Tees Warrior Code manufactures is their popular -Give Peace A Chance, Be Armed Just in Case-Tee with two pistols back-to-back to form a peace emblem.

If you are looking for 2A focused apparel that tells those who view it you’re the real deal and a lover of freedom and all that needs to be right in the world, look at the second amendment apparel Warrior Code produces.

Tactical Tees

Tactical Tees might be the third entry on this list of brands offering 2A apparel, but they certainly aren’t at the bottom of the heap by any means. As with the brands mentioned earlier, Tactical Tees features second amendment apparel for both men and women, plus a choice of fourteen colors, long sleeve and sleeveless shirts, crewnecks, and even junior fit V-Necks.

Offering a wide variety of 2A apparel, Tactical Tees has etched its place on the leader board with shirts, hoodies, and Tees that shout out messages of freedom and patriotism.

Such as their most popular and highly comfortable Original Homeland Security of 1789 T-Shirt representing America’s original band of homeland security patriots.

As with many other 2A focused apparel companies, Tactical Tees features many noted tributes to our military veterans and law enforcement specialists. What may set Tactical Tees apart from many is their humbling approach to the product they create for veterans.

Tactical Tees develops affordable products meant to recognize the sacrifices our military makes struggling to fight during wars so they can return home hoping for a better life.

To say that Tactical is a company dedicated to providing comfortable family-oriented apparel is an understatement. For all patriots who want to keep the passion in the family, Tactical Tees offers their infant line of Tees sporting full logos and captions such as – Got Your Six, Daddy’s Wingman, and Police Vest Tees for infants.

Start them off right with a few infant Tees from Tactical Tees.

It’s Your Second Amendment Right, Wear It Proudly

While a few more companies routinely manufacture 2A apparel, these mentioned earlier provide the widest variety of selections, colors sizes, and second amendment mantras you’ll be proud to show off.

American Flag Morale Patch from Nine Line

Before you leave the house, proudly slip into your comfortably favorite 2A Tee, shirt or hoodie and head out to the range or take a hike, a camping trip, or even a run to the store and back.

When it comes to displaying how you feel about freedom without the need for a bullhorn and pulpit, there is no better way than wearing second amendment apparel from any of these three brands.