As any practiced survivalist will tell you, regardless of its size, a well-stocked go bag has limited space when packing supplies to help you survive at a minimum, seventy-two hours if forced off the grid. Although you can separate the upper receiver from the lower on your budget-build AR15 and attach both to the outside of your go-bag with MOLLE attachments, there are a few requirements a quality go-bag gun should meet.

Man Holding A Go Bag

A perfect go-bag gun must at least be lightweight, easily portable either inside or outside of the bag, handle reliably every time it’s used, and give you a few versatile options. Whether you choose to carry your perfect go bag gun attached to the outside or pick one with smaller ergonomics stored inside your bag that still provides sufficient protection, you may want to consider these guns as your best go-bag gun.

Ruger 10/22 Takedown Is Easy To Store In A Go Bag

When it comes to .22 caliber or .22LR rifles, one of the best rifles for your go bag is the Ruger 10/22 Takedown, ideal for bugging out when catastrophe happens. The Ruger 10/22 Takedown breaks down quickly into two pieces with a maximum length of only 18.5 inches, which fits into most bug-out bags leaving sufficient space for your tactical scope, survival supplies and, of course, necessary ammunition.

Ruger 1022 Takedown rifle

Ruger threads the barrel of the Takedown, which provides you more heightened velocity shots, and supports a suppressor system in the event you need to maintain stealth if necessary. While most survivalists may prefer something with a little higher caliber for personal protection or stopping more significant game threats, this Ruger 10/22 Takedown can be highly effective in the right hands and an excellent selection for your go-bag.

Springfield Armory M6 Scout

Based on the aircrew survival weapon adopted by the United States Airforce, the Springfield Armory Scout is another foldable gun that takes up little space in your go bag. When folded up, this rifle from Springfield only takes up fifteen inches of space, providing you a versatile survival gun with a choice of .22LR caliber and 410 shotgun ammunition in an over-under configuration.

When it comes to maximum efficiency in your go-bag, one of the best features of the M6 Scout is its internal ammo storage system with a capacity of fifteen rounds of .22 caliber and a maximum of four 410 shotgun shells. Even if you need to carry additional ammunition, you won’t have to suffer cramped quarters inside your go bag if you add the optional ammo sleeve Springfield Armory provides for the M6 Scout.

Sig Sauer MPX K

For the survivalist who feels more comfortable including a bug-out gun with higher caliber rounds in sufficient quantity to stop even the most dangerous threat, the MPX K sub-machine gun makes an excellent addition. One of the best features of the MPX K from Sig Sauer is the PCB folding brace which compacts the size of the gun so that it fits nicely inside your go-bag, taking up minimal space.

SIG Sauer MPXK 9mm pistol

Another feature of the MPX K sub-machine gun is if you must react to a threat quickly, you can operate this gun even without bothering to deploy the PCB brace. With a barrel length of only 4.5 inches, and an overall length of 22.5 inches, the MPX K gives you all the power you need for protection in a compact weapon without forcing you to leave precious supplies behind. Not only is the MPX K an excellent weapon of choice, but the MPX K weighs in at only five pounds which means you won’t have to suffer too much additional weight when lugging your go-bag around.

Taurus Judge

The jury reached a consensus many years ago about the Taurus Judge when it comes to versatility. While the Judge is more significant and a bit heavier than most handguns on the market, it’s still smaller than a broken-down AR15 or other types of takedown carbines or rifles.

The Taurus Judge is a powerful handgun firing .45 Colt caliber ammunition, which will provide you a formidable smaller profile weapon for personal protection. When it comes to small game hunting, the Taurus Judge also handles .410 shotgun ammunition and can give you a perfect blend of a hunting or self-defense weapon that’s easily tucked away in any go bag.

Smith & Wesson M&P Shield EZ

With enough practice, you can eventually get good enough to hunt small game on the hoof with the Smith & Wesson M&P Shield, but when it comes to personal protection, the Smith & Wesson M&P Shield is probably one of the better additions to your go-bag. A compact pistol shooting .380 ACP rounds, the M&P Shield sports a dry-weight without ammunition of only 18.5 ounces, which means less weight in your go-bag from the start.

If you want to include a perfect personal protection handgun in your go bag, the M&P Shield represents one of the most lightweight, reliable, and accurate handguns on the market today. There are a couple of reasons why the Smith & Wesson M&P is an excellent choice to include as part of your bug-out equipment. First, the M&P Shield fires .380 rounds with less bulk weight than most ammo on the market which means you can carry more ammunition if necessary. Second, the M&P Shield EZ is small enough to consider carrying it in a concealed carry fashion, which opens even more space inside your go-bag for much-needed supplies.

Whatever You Choose

Remember that the purpose of a well-equipped go-bag is to keep you alive when you’re forced off the grid and must learn to live on your instincts and what you carry in your kit. If whatever is in your go-bag doesn’t do the trick, you may not get a chance to return home and switch things around.

Before the impossible becomes a definite possibility, consider all items, including the type of gun you decide to carry, with great care and make an informed choice. When disaster happens, and you suddenly find yourself in a state of ill-preparedness, not having your go bag stocked with the right supplies and personal protection is almost guaranteed to lessen your chances of survival.