Red Dot Optic Mounts: new from CT

Crimson Trace rolls out mounts for electronic sights

Wilsonville, Oregon based Crimson Trace (@crimsontrace) has released a red dot “scope mount” line as an addition to their various offerings of electronic sights. Among the new items are a Low Mount, Lower 1/3 Co-Witness Mount, and two Absolute Co-Witness Mounts.

The Absolute Co-Witness Mount for the CTS-1200 and CTS-1300 mounts to 11914 Picatinny rails with a mounting height of 1.4 in. from the top of the rail to the optical centerline.

It’s manufactured with ultra-lightweight aircraft-grade 6061 aluminum and weighs 1.38 in. It’s matte black and Type III hard anodized. Note that it might work with other manufacturers’ optics, but that isn’t guaranteed.


The CTS-1400 Absolute Co-Witness Mount is of similar construction and specs, but is for the CTS-1400 Open Reflex Sight.

The CTS-1000 Low Red Dot Mount is made for the CT compact tactical red dot sight for rifles. Specs are as follows:

  • Mounts Crimson Trace® CTS-1000 to M1913 Picatinny rails
  • Mounting height: 0.85″ from top of rail to optical centerline
  • Ultra lightweight aircraft grade 6061 aluminum: 0.94 oz.
  • Matte black, type III, hard anodized
  • May fit other red dot sights

The Lower 1/3 Co-Witness Mount is another option for the Crimson Trace CTS-1400 reflex sight for shotguns and rifles. Specs are as follows:

  • Mounts Crimson Trace® CTS-1400 to M1913 Picatinny rails
  • Mounting height: 1.52″ from top of rail to optical centerline
  • Ultra lightweight aircraft grade 6061 aluminum: 1.66 oz.
  • Matte black, type III, hard anodized
  • May fit other red dot sights

Crimson Trace Lasersaddle coming for 870 Series

Remington 870 and TAC-14 Compatible Lasersaddle Coming Soon from Crimson Trace

Wilsonville, Oregon based Crimson Trace (@crimsontrace) recently announced the addition of Remington Arms 870 shotgun compatible models of Lasersaddle laser sights to their Lasersaddle line. 

The new shotgun laser will be available in two models: the LS-870 red shotgun laser sight and the LS-870G green shotgun laser sight.  Either will make an excellent counterpart to any of their red dot sights

According to what’s been described on social media freqs and in the cursory descriptions online, the LS-870 will provide multiple ambidextrous laser activation pad points for instant targeting with a powerful 5mW red laser. As with all Crimson Trace laser sights, the LS-870 is user-adjustable for windage and elevation. The LS-870 features a Master On/Off Switch for completely powering down the system. This model provides 3 Hours of battery life with two provided CR2032 batteries.

Fits Remington 870 and Remington Tac-14 in 12 Gauge only. It does not fit the Tac-13. Nor for that matter will it fit the SIG Copperhead, Glock 47 or Walther PPK. You’ll need different laser sights for those.

  • Product Platform                  Lasersaddle™
  • Material                                  Polymer
  • Color                                       Black
  • Master On/Off Switch           Yes
  • Battery Type                           Two #2032 Batteries
  • Installation                              User Installed
  • Laser Battery Life                   3 Hours
  • Activation Mode                      Pressure Activated
  • Sighting                                  Factory Sighted at 50′
  • User Adjustable                      Windage and Elevation
  • Warranty                                 Three Year Full Warranty
  • Dot Size                                    Approx. 0.50″ at 50′

**IN-STOCK** USGI Mags with Teflon Coating and Magpul Followers – Just $16.99

PSA has contracted with D&H to make them their own USGI Mags.  These are awesome mags that have a Teflon coating and also feature a Magpul Anti-tilt follower.  The cool part is they are keeping the cost down when most companies would be jacking them up.  These are available for just $16.99 each at

PSA D H 30 round Mag Magpul Follower Teflon

Brand new mil-spec M16/AR15 30rd aluminum mags with grey teflon finish and yellow or foliage green Magpul followers. Made by D&H (Company formerly named Labelle) for Palmetto State Armory. These are the best of the breed because they have a slick durable Teflon coat inside and out. Stamped with US military cage code Q4TQ4.

Floorplates marked:
Palmetto State Armory, LLC
Columbia, SC


–   Aluminum, 6061 – T0 Body. Resistance welded to US Military Specifications

–   Aluminum Magazine Body is Heat Treated to T6, then Hardcoat Anodized

–   Magazine Body Black Teflon

–   Spring is 17-7PH Checked for Compression with a Chatillon Gauge

–   Follower: Magpul Yellow OR Foliage Green Anti-Tilt Follower