Tyrant CNC Patent Pending Safety Blade Trigger for SIG SAUER P365 enters the final stages of R&D.

Chicago, IL 10.11.23— For those who appreciate the nuances of firearm mechanics and demand the best in performance and precision in their equipment, Tyrant CNC, an avant-garde in firearm customization, has confirmed that its highly anticipated, patented safety blade design IntelliFire™ Trigger System for the esteemed SIG SAUER P365 is almost here. It is said that the release date is targeted between Black Friday and Christmas. See more info plus Product renderings below:

The SIG SAUER P365, celebrated for its compact design and formidable delivery, now meets its perfect match in the IntelliFire™. This trigger isn’t merely an aesthetic modification; it’s an evolution, engineered specifically for all P365 variants. The trigger not only is the first of its kind to feature a safety blade system that is compatible with all P365 grip modules, but it also boasts a 30% reduced take up/pre-travel, a true 90-degree break, and works WITH the OEM internal safety mechanisms. 

The IntelliFire™ speaks volumes of Tyrant CNC’s engineering ethos. Its shoe, CNC Machined from 17-4 stainless steel is already a stronger steel than used over the OEM. Mated with that steel trigger shoe are dual 6061 anodized aluminum trigger blades operated by a single, specially designed stainless steel and heat-treated spring. All of these quality, made in the USA parts/components are purposely chosen for their reliability, aiming to outpace the firearm’s very own duty cycle. 

Perhaps the crown jewel of the IntelliFire™ is its patent-pending dual safety blade system. Given the P365’s inherent grip module constraints, a traditional safety blade design is impossible. Here, Tyrant CNC’s engineering acumen took center stage. By engineering a 3:1 lever ratio system, the trigger is able to operate like any industry standard safety-bladed trigger, using the grip module to stop the trigger travel and prevent an inadvertent fire. 

The IntelliFire™ epitomizes calculated engineering. A staggering 30% reduction in pre-travel testifies to its refined mechanics. Tyrant CNC’s patented hybrid trigger ergonomics further amplify the user experience, ensuring a steadfast 90-degree break. This culmination of mechanical refinement and ergonomic design promises unparalleled shooting consistency.

In summation, the IntelliFire™ Trigger System is not just a product; it’s an engineering marvel. By melding unparalleled safety features with enhanced performance metrics, Tyrant CNC is poised to redefine the SIG SAUER P365 experience.

For more intel on pricing/availability, and a sign-up sheet to be notified of its launch:

Tyrant CNC P365 Trigger info

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AR-15 Lower Receivers Guide: Materials, Choices, and Quality

When embarking on the journey of building or upgrading an AR-15, a crucial decision lies in selecting the appropriate lower receiver. The AR-15, with its deep-rooted history spanning multiple generations, has led to an expansive range of options available in the market. These range from the traditional MIL-SPEC designs to the modern, ambidextrous, and visually appealing variants.

Choosing a lower receiver involves carefully considering its manufacturing process, the materials used, and weight factors, all while keeping in mind one’s budget and functional requirements.

Let’s delve into the development and nuances of AR-15 lower receivers. We’ll also highlight some notable offerings available in the market. Here’s a guide for those new to the AR-15 world, those considering an upgrade, or those simply keen on enhancing their knowledge.

Exploring Lower Receiver Materials

A closer look at lower receiver materials reveals three primary types: cast aluminum, billet aluminum, and forged aluminum.

Cast Aluminum

The manufacturing process for cast aluminum is relatively simple. It entails pouring molten aluminum into a mold. Once cooled, the resulting lower receiver undergoes final machining.

The liquid state of the aluminum during casting leads to a product with a somewhat loose crystalline structure. This method results in the least sturdy product among the three main aluminum processing techniques.

However, it’s worth mentioning that despite cast aluminum being perceived as the least strong among the trio, it offers sufficient strength for the lower receiver to operate safely and dependably. Still, when it comes to preferences, it’s often viewed as the less preferred method for crafting aluminum components.

Billet Aluminum

Billet aluminum lower receivers start their journey as a solid block of aluminum, reminiscent of how a sculptor begins with a block of marble. This block is transformed into a finely crafted product through a series of precision machining operations.

Working with billet aluminum can be likened to metal sculpting, offering several advantages over the casting method. Due to their solid nature, billet lowers possess enhanced strength and showcase a superior finish.

For those aiming for a unique firearm aesthetic, billet lower receivers are ideal. Their design allows for extensive customization, enabling manufacturers to introduce distinctive features such as uniquely shaped magazine wells, integrated trigger guards, and specialized machining for weight optimization.

The creation of billet lower receivers primarily relies on CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machining. In this method, automated precision tools intricately shape a solid aluminum block, facilitating the production of detailed and highly personalized designs.

While billet lowers might carry a heftier price tag, their adaptability and visual allure make them a favorite among many. These receivers, crafted from billet aluminum and shaped by CNC machinery, are known for their crisp lines and the ability to achieve standout designs. Some aficionados even push the boundaries of design with these.

It’s important to highlight that although billet lowers are often perceived as less robust than forged lowers, this difference is typically invisible to the average user. They offer commendable durability and are unlikely to succumb to premature wear or damage. However, some uniquely designed billet lowers might have specific compatibility constraints. Therefore, ensuring their compatibility with standard MIL-SPEC components is crucial, especially if one intends to match them with a particular billet upper receiver.

Understanding 7075-T6 Aluminum

Two prominent contenders emerge in the spectrum of aluminum alloys used for lower receivers: 6061-T6 and 7075-T6. The primary distinction between these two lies in their strength and resistance to corrosion.

7075-T6 is characterized by its remarkable strength, surpassing 6061-T6 by almost double in this aspect. This difference in strength is reflected in the price, with 7075-T6 generally being the pricier of the two. However, it’s essential to recognize that 6061-T6 offers enhanced corrosion resistance compared to 7075-T6. While this resistance can be a significant advantage, its relevance might vary based on whether the receiver retains its natural aluminum appearance or undergoes specific finishing processes.

When planning your firearm assembly, balancing the need for superior strength against budgetary constraints is wise. The gap between 7075 and 6061 is relatively narrow in the current landscape. Nonetheless, many opt for the added assurance of 7075-T6’s robustness, making it a favored choice. Notably, 7075-T6 aluminum is frequently used in aerospace industries due to its outstanding strength-to-weight ratio and resilience, further emphasizing its reputation for dependability and longevity.

Complete Lower vs. Stripped Lower

Are you embarking on your first firearm project? You’ll likely encounter two primary options for lower receivers: stripped and complete. The inevitable question is, “What differentiates the two, and which is the better fit for me?” Let’s break down the distinctions to guide your decision.

Stripped Lower Receivers:

At first glance, stripped lower receivers might seem incomplete. They lack several vital components required for a fully operational lower receiver, such as the trigger, buffer tube, buffer, and stock.

So, why might one opt for a stripped lower receiver, given these omissions?

  • Customization Galore: Stripped lowers offer unparalleled customization potential. You’re in the driver’s seat, handpicking each component to align with your vision.
  • Budget-Friendly: Typically, stripped lowers are more wallet-friendly than their complete counterparts, making them an attractive option for budget-conscious builders.
  • Deep Dive into Mechanics: Assembling a stripped lower offers a hands-on learning experience, granting a deeper appreciation for your rifle’s mechanics.

However, stripped lowers come with challenges:

  • Labor Commitment: Crafting a stripped lower demands time and meticulous attention to detail, as each component requires careful installation.
  • Tool Dependency: Essential tools, like punches and wrenches, are a must-have for assembling a stripped lower.
  • Technical Know-How: A foundational understanding of firearm mechanics is crucial for a successful stripped lower assembly.

Complete Lower Receivers:

Conversely, complete lower receivers are ready to roll outfitted with all essential components. With a complete lower in hand, pairing it with an upper receiver is all that stands between you and a fully operational rifle.

Benefits of a complete lower receiver include:

  • Utmost Convenience: Ideal for those short on time or lacking the expertise or tools for a stripped lower assembly.
  • Time Efficiency: Pre-assembled components translate to significant time savings.
  • Assured Compatibility: Components in a complete lower are designed to function seamlessly together, eliminating compatibility concerns.

Yet, complete lowers have their limitations:

  • Customization Constraints: The pre-assembled nature restricts your ability to tweak individual components.
  • Price Premium: The convenience of a pre-assembled unit often comes with a higher price tag.
  • Missed Learning Opportunities: An already-assembled unit means fewer chances to delve into the intricacies of your firearm.

The decision between stripped and complete lower receivers boils down to individual preferences, expertise, and the desired balance between customization and convenience in your firearm project.

AR Lower Receiver Sets

In the vast landscape of AR lower receivers, Faxon‘s products have garnered attention for their quality and design. Let’s delve into one of their standout offerings.

Faxon X-Tra Lite AR-15 Receiver Set

The Faxon HyperLite AR-15 Receiver Kit is a notable choice for those aiming for a lightweight yet robust build. Building upon the foundation of their acclaimed forged receiver set, this kit emphasizes a balance between aesthetics, functionality, and durability while significantly reducing weight.

Key Features:

  • Weight Efficiency: When equipped with an ejection port and dust cover, the kit weighs a mere .96 lbs. This is 2.08 ounces lighter than Faxon’s standard forged receiver set.
  • Precision Engineering: The inner bore is refined to enhance the bolt carrier group’s action, promoting smoother operations.
  • Design Choices: The forward assist has been omitted for a cleaner look, while the skeletonized Picatinny Rail, with manually engraved T-marks, adds a touch of craftsmanship. The skeletonized shell deflector further trims the weight while ensuring durability.
  • Fitment: Tighter lug tolerances ensure a snug fit, optimizing performance.
  • Customization Opportunities: While the kit is delivered unassembled, its design allows enthusiasts to personalize their build. The aesthetic milling of the upper, adorned with Faxon’s signature “X” logo, reduces material and weight. The “X” skeletonized magwell is both a branding touch and a testament to Faxon’s dedication to weight efficiency.
  • Material & Finish: Crafted from 7075-T6 Forged Aluminum and finished with Type III Hard Coat Anodizing.

The kit is also available in OD Green Cerakote, Titanium Cerakote, and Midnight Bronze for those interested in color variations. The Faxon HyperLite AR-15 Receiver Kit encapsulates a harmonious blend of design, functionality, and innovation, making it a worthy consideration for discerning builders.

Faxon Billet AR-10 Receiver Set

The Faxon Billet AR-10 Receiver Set stands as a testament to meticulous engineering and an unwavering commitment to quality. This set is tailored for discerning firearm enthusiasts seeking a comprehensive upgrade for their AR-10 rifle.

Material and Durability:

This set’s stripped upper and lower receivers are crafted from high-grade 7075-T6 aluminum billet. This choice of material ensures a balance between lightweight design and robust strength, making the set ideal for enduring rigorous use while maintaining reliability.

Design Highlights:

Faxon’s dedication to superior design is evident in several unique features:

  • An integrated trigger guard enhances safety and ergonomics.
  • A flared magwell facilitates quicker magazine changes, optimizing functionality during rapid-fire situations.
  • A specialized tensioning screw ensures a tight fit between the upper and lower receivers, a crucial factor in boosting accuracy.

Upper Receiver Specifics:

  • Made from 7075-T6 Billet Aluminum, ensuring durability without excess weight.
  • Features a Type III Class 2 Hard Coat Black Anodized finish for added resilience and a polished look.
  • Adheres to the DPMS High Profile standards, guaranteeing compatibility with various components.

Lower Receiver Details:

  • It is also constructed from 7075-T6 Billet Aluminum, consistent with the upper receiver.
  • Enhanced with features like an Extended Mag Catch Button, Threaded Bolt Catch Pin, and a Rear Takedown Detent Spring retained with a Set Screw. An Upper Receiver Tension Screw is also incorporated.
  • The Right Side Bolt Release Lever, made from 4140 steel, undergoes a Blacknitride+™ treatment for increased longevity.
  • While labeled with a “MULTI” caliber designation, it’s versatile enough to accommodate a range of calibers, including .308 Winchester (7.62x51mm NATO), 8.6 Blackout, .243 Winchester, 6.5 Creedmoor, .260 Remington, and .338 Federal.

Exploring the Faxon AR-15 Builder Sets

Limited Edition Faxon 9″ AR-15 Builder Set – FDE

The Faxon AR-15 Builder Set in FDE (Flat Dark Earth) is a culmination of precision engineering and innovative design. With a custom Cerakote finish, this set offers both functionality and a distinctive aesthetic.

Key Features:

  • Precision Engineered Upper Receiver: Undergoes a rigorous truing process at Faxon’s facility, ensuring alignment and balance.
  • Design Innovations: Features like the hollowed-out shell deflector reduce weight and add a unique visual element.
  • Material and Finish: Made from 7075-T6 Forged Aluminum, with a dual finish of Type III Hard Coat Anodizing and a custom Cerakote.
  • Versatility: Compatible with all intermediate cartridges, with a note on the set’s capabilities with larger bore rounds.
  • Included Handguard: The set comes with the Faxon G2 Streamline Aluminum M-LOK Handguard, emphasizing ergonomic design and style.

Limited Edition Faxon 13″ AR-15 Builder Set 

This builder set showcases Faxon’s commitment to craftsmanship and design. A custom Cerakote finish in Combat Grey offers a blend of performance and aesthetics.

Key Features:

  • Meticulously Crafted Upper Receiver: Trued by experts at Faxon’s factory, ensuring enhanced firearm performance.
  • Design Elements: The hollowed-out shell deflector offers both aesthetic appeal and functional weight reduction.
  • Material and Finish: Crafted from 7075-T6 Forged Aluminum, with a Type III Hard Coat Anodizing and a custom Cerakote finish.
  • Versatility: Designed for compatibility with all intermediate cartridges, with a note on its performance with larger bore rounds.
  • Included Handguard: The Faxon G2 Streamline Aluminum M-LOK Handguard complements the set.

*Also available in Charcoal Green.

Wrapping up

Choosing the right lower receiver balances objectives, budget, and familiarity with AR-15 mechanics.

  • Stripped vs. Complete: For those well-versed in AR-15 mechanics, a stripped lower receiver offers a tailored, hands-on experience. On the other hand, a complete lower receiver is ideal for those seeking convenience, requiring only attachment to the upper.
  • Quality Over Features: While additional features can be appealing, the cornerstone of a reliable AR-15 build is a quality lower.


NEW!! KAK Industry K-SPEC Buffer

The KAK Industry K-SPEC Buffer was developed with specific goals: reducing felt recoil and providing faster follow-up shots. With modern technology being applied to firearms, you’re likely aware of the recoil management solutions applied to many popular pistol operating systems. Recoil rods in pistols advanced from a single-piece recoil rod assembly to a dual recoil spring assembly with a compression guide rod.  With our new K-SPEC buffer systems, we have applied this same concept to the AR15 platform. 

The K-SPEC Buffer features an innovative recoil reduction system that absorbs and disperses felt recoil. Minimizing muzzle flip and kickback allows you to fire faster and more accurately by being able to stay on target more effectively. 

The K-SPEC Buffer features a two-piece reciprocating buffer body and a captured compression spring mechanism internally, which works in conjunction with our flat wire buffer spring. The majority of the felt recoil is transferred into the buffer spring and then dispersed into the K-SPEC buffer internals. This combination of features helps to absorb recoil and distribute it more evenly and linearly instead of abruptly as you experience with traditional buffer systems. 

K-SPEC Buffer systems are available for the AR15 in a variety of configurations including, Carbine length, A5 length, and Extended PCC length. Selecting which buffer you need is easy. Simply select the weight that is closest to what you are currently running. If your current weight is lighter, such as a 3oz Carbine buffer, you should choose the K-SPEC H1 weight.

View All K-SPEC Buffers Here

HOP Munitions: Where Polymer Meets Precision

Innovation, precision, and dedication to excellence have become paramount in today’s ever-evolving landscape of firearms and ammunition.

One company participating in this evolution is HOP Munitions. Founded by specialists with a keen interest in advancing the realm of shooting, they have embarked on endeavors to bring fresh perspectives to ammunition design and production.

HOP Munitions presents itself not just as a manufacturer but as a forward-thinking entity. Their approach centers on integrating advanced materials, innovative design principles, and comprehensive testing processes.

The company has taken notable steps towards social responsibility by offering stable employment opportunities to combat veterans. Such initiatives and their push for innovation have resonated with diverse sectors, including civilian enthusiasts and law enforcement entities.

Among the notable developments from HOP Munitions is the introduction of poly ammo. This transition from traditional metal casings to a newer material underscores their commitment to enhancing performance while also considering environmental concerns and potentially altering how shooting is experienced.

A Closer Look at HOP Munitions

Situated in Hayesville, Ohio, House of Payne Munitions, also known as HOP Munitions, has positioned itself in the ammunition market, focusing on producing quality bullets.

The company’s workforce includes several combat veterans, bringing a unique perspective and attention to detail to the manufacturing process. The production process at HOP Munitions is methodical: bullets are tumble polished for a smooth finish, followed by hand-gauging to verify dimensions and ensure functionality. Each round is then packaged with care, reflecting the company’s commitment to precision.

In response to the diverse demands of the shooting world, House of Payne Munitions has developed an assortment of calibers. Their range aims to cater to various shooting needs, from competitive environments and self-defense to hunting and other firearm activities.

HOP Munitions Mission

House of Payne Munitions, established in 2020, was conceived with dual intentions: to craft quality ammunition and offer stable employment opportunities to combat veterans within the community.

In its early days, HOP Munitions’ ethos was rooted in a desire to support and give back to both first responders and military veterans. Currently, veterans make up approximately 75% of their workforce. While there’s a clear emphasis on hiring veterans, the contribution of the non-veteran staff is also noteworthy. They provide complementary skills that enrich the work environment and indirectly aid the veteran staff.

For instance, one of the team members doubles as an auto mechanic. This in-house capability offers convenience and cost-saving opportunities for veterans who might need vehicle maintenance.

Shawn Payne, the proprietor of HOP Munitions, observes that offering combat veterans around two years of consistent employment equips them with a stable platform. It can serve as a launchpad should they decide to explore different career avenues in the future.

Beyond their conventional ammunition offerings, HOP Munitions has responded to emerging trends in the shooting industry with the introduction of a training round termed Poly Bullets.

These cost-effective rounds have seen a rise in interest, particularly among competition shooters and those involved in firearms training.

A Closer Look at HOP Munitions’ Poly Ammo

The Poly Ammo rounds introduced by HOP Munitions have garnered attention among competition shooters and firearms trainers, largely due to their cost-effectiveness.

Constructed with a lead core, these bullets are encased in a high-temperature polymer. Such a design offers potential benefits:

  • A potential reduction in barrel wear.
  • The possibility of less barrel fouling.
  • A claim of improved accuracy.
  • An emphasis on affordability.

While the rounds are marketed as optimized for competition shooting and training, they’re highlighted for their cost-effectiveness, especially for practice purposes. Additionally, their design is suggested to be safe for shooting at steel targets from a distance of more than 10ft, presenting a distinction from standard FMJ ammunition.

Discussing the Attributes of HOP Munitions’ Poly Bullets

HOP Munitions’ Poly Bullets are presented with a variety of attributes that potentially distinguish them from other ammunition types.

  • Environmental Considerations: Unlike traditional lead rounds, these bullets are suggested not to emit harmful gases, making them a potentially more environmentally-conscious choice. This attribute might particularly appeal to indoor shooters concerned about air quality.
  • Feeding Efficiency: The polymer coating on these bullets is said to ensure a smoother transition from the magazine to the chamber. This might reduce instances of feeding failures, especially when juxtaposed against standard FMJ or jacketed hollow points.
  • Barrel Health: A comparison between the residue left by lead round-nose bullets and polymer-coated rounds indicates a potential advantage for the latter. The reduced residue might not only maintain accuracy but could also have implications for the barrel’s lifespan.
  • Friction Reduction: The overarching intent behind the polymer coating is performance enhancement. By curbing friction, the bullets aim to offer a shooting experience that’s both smoother and potentially safer.

Their official website provides comprehensive details for a deeper exploration of HOP Munitions and the products they craft.

ZeroTech Optics Introduces the Thrive HD Micro Reflex Optic: Setting New Standards in Reliability and Durability

Nashville, TN – ZeroTech Optics, a leader in optical innovation, proudly unveils its latest masterpiece – the Thrive HD Micro Reflex Optic (THDM21). This state-of-the-art addition to the ZeroTech range is not just another optic; it’s a testament to the company’s commitment to reliability, durability, and cutting-edge technology.

At the heart of the Thrive HD Compact Reflex sight is the advanced shake awake technology. This ensures that the optic is always ready on demand, eliminating the need for manual activation. Whether you’re in a high-pressure situation or simply out for a leisurely day at the range, the Thrive HD ensures it’s always ready to go when you are.

One of the standout features of the Thrive HD is its unparalleled durability. Designed to withstand the harshest conditions, this optic is recoil proof, waterproof, and fog-proof. Whether you’re in torrential rain, dense fog, or rough terrains, the Thrive HD promises unwavering performance. 

Built on the RMSc footprint, the Thrive HD Micro Reflex seamlessly mounts to all RMSc compatible firearms and mount interfaces. This ensures that users have a wide range of compatibility options, further emphasizing the optic’s versatility.

Key Features Include:

  • Magnification: 1x with an objective lens size of 21mm
  • Reticle: Crisp 3 MOA Red Dot.
  • Brightness Settings: 10 adjustable settings for diverse environments.
  • Durability: Recoil proof, waterproof, and fog-proof 
  • Battery Life: A staggering max of 150,000 hours, powered by a CR2032 battery.
  • Lens Coating: Multi-coated for clear and sharp visuals.
  • Operational Temperature: Robust performance from -4°F to + 158°F (-20°c to +70°c)
  • Dimensions & Weight: Compact design with L: 1.6” (40.55mm), H: 0.86” (21.95mm), and a weight of approx. 0.67oz (19 grams) including battery.

See the Reflex in action > Thrive HD Micro Reflex

The Thrive HD Compact Reflex Optic is not just an optic; it’s a promise of reliability, durability, and unmatched performance for your every day carry pistol. ZeroTech Optics continues to push the boundaries of optical technology, and the Thrive HD line of Reflex optics are an example of their dedication to delivering on what our users demand from an optic.


About ZeroTech Optics

ZeroTech International is pioneering new grounds by developing cutting edge optical solutions tailored to the needs of the most demanding users. This new direction is forging our path as one of the world’s leading optical manufacturers dedicated to providing hunters, shooters and outdoors enthusiasts with elite optical performance in all-weather scenarios. ZeroTech Optics prides itself on delivering our promise of unmatched user experience, unbeatable value for money and our dedicated customer centered focus supplying optics that meet and exceed our users’ expectations.

We have stamped ZeroTech’s mark on the world stage, born from a third-generation optical distributor and manufacturing family originating from the USA, specializing in performance optics tailored to the most demanding environments on earth. This experience has seen ZeroTech Optics tested from the vast arid floodplains of Australia and Africa, through to the treacherous snowcapped peaks of the southern fiords in New Zealand and delivering repeatable reliability in the last frontier, Alaska.

Founded in Australia in 2018, ZeroTech International Pty Ltd, a subsidiary company of the largest optical supplier in the southern hemisphere along with our in-house team of optical and engineers whom design, test and deliver products that are built to our highest Australian standards before exporting across the globe. 

Wherever you are in the world, we have you covered. 

ZeroTech. Be Confident.


Contact us: [email protected]

You can visit the company website at: 




Hand made by Americans in Hartland, WI – the BCM® Mod 2 stock is an improvement over the baseline M4 accessory with enhanced ergonomics, and next-level durability.

Recontoured into a patented (United States Patent Number:  D901616) semi-clubfoot design, the Mod 2 is fits on Mil-Spec carbine receiver extensions, and optimized for intermediate length receiver extensions (MK2, AR10, A5). These improved lines also enhance shooting in the prone position while remaining snag free, with no edges to catch or tangle in slings, antenna, or other PPE.

  • Ambidextrous limited rotation QD sling mount
  • 2 web sling mounts
  • VBOS Tab
  • Patented internal latch*
  • Removable buttpad with text diamond textured surface
  • Black or FDE
  • Made in the USA

*United States Patent Number: 9,109,855

The BCM MOD 2 SOPMOD STOCK is offered in two configurations:  Stock only or stock kit with Mk2 RMS hardware.

Available now at

NEW!! BCM A/T Optic Mounts

Capability in the face of the unexpected and catastrophic, the BCM A/T Mount is built in anticipation of a “no fail” shot that will save another human life.

Improving on Mil-Spec rail interfaces dating back over 30 years, the BCM A/T mount delivers unprecedented zero retention on a properly mounted red dot optic.  Low profile and snag-free, BCM A/T Mounts are built with a minimal number of components – delivering a stronger component with less points of failure, ready to take on dynamic and adverse settings.

Each A/T Mount features multiple integral recoil lugs to mitigate recoil and counter recoil to preserve your zero and ensure “no fail” shots are placed where intended by the trained rifleman.  Starting at 2.15 oz, each 7075T6 billet mount is hard coat anodized per Mil-A-8625F.  Additionally, both the steel alloy clamp and nut are hardened with Nitride coating.

A/T (Angled Torque) mounts employ angled torque through a patented* clamp which applies triangulating force to create a stronger and more reliable lock up of the mount onto the end user’s rail.  To retain the hardware in field conditions, this system uses a serrated locking spring-washer to prevent the loss of torque on the shaft nut.

With an equivalent load applied, the A/T Mount delivers approximately twice the clamping force at the picatinny rail, versus a legacy horizontal interface.  * US Patent D973.826, and other patents pending

The A/T fleet is built optimized for both a variety of missions and proven red dot optics.
*Aimpoint® T-2, T-1 and CompM5 series:
+ The Marksman lower 1/3 co-witness
+ The Close Combat 1.93”
*Trijicon® MRO®
+ The Marksman lower 1/3 co-witness
+ The Close Combat 1.93”

Available now at

All BCM components and accessories unite state of the art manufacturing with lightweight and durable materials to ensure components that last a lifetime, performing far beyond performance requirements established nearly six decades ago.

*Aimpoint, T-2, T-1, CompM5 trademarks are property of Aimpoint Inc.
*Trijicon, MRO trademarks are property of Trijicon Inc.

Exploring the Faxon ION-X Hyperlite

With multiple firearm options available on the market, selecting the right one can become a task for the discerning user. One model standing out amidst the varied options is the Faxon ION-X Hyperlite AR15. With its combination of lightness and power, this firearm has drawn comparisons to the standing of a sports car in the world of automobiles. Its attributes demand a deeper dive.

The Significance of Weight in an AR15 Rifle

The weight of a firearm, especially in the AR15 category, can significantly impact its usage and functionality. The Faxon ION-X Hyperlite AR15 seems to stand out because of its adaptable weight, which offers a range of potential benefits:

  • Ease of Use: With military-issued M4 carbines, their weight is around 6.36 pounds (2.88 kg) at the bare minimum. On attaching additional accessories, they become considerably heavier, potentially leading to fatigue during extended periods of use. Here, lighter alternatives like the Faxon ION-X Hyperlite step in, offering an enticing alternative that cuts down weight without compromising performance.
  • Maneuverability: In several circumstances, swiftness in movement and reflexes can be critical. Lighter weight aids in facilitating easier aim and mobility, proving beneficial in stressful circumstances.
  • Prompt and Accurate Target Acquisition: Lighter firearms potentially reduce strain on the shooter, frequently resulting in quicker and more accurate shots. 

The Faxon ION-X Hyperlite AR15, known for its weight management, is beginning to find favor among enthusiasts and professionals alike as it addresses many common challenges faced in the field.

Analyzing the Features of the Faxon ION-X Hyperlite AR15

Setting the Faxon ION-X Hyperlite AR15 apart from countless other rifles is its approach to firearm design, creating a distinctive appeal for aficionados and practical users alike.

Making Lightness and Precision Attainable

The Faxon ION-X Hyperlite AR15 has been designed with the primary focus on maintaining optimum performance levels while cutting down on weight. This is a boon for users who have to engage in long shooting sessions, reducing fatigue and potentially enhancing accuracy. The manufacturer exceeds the common expectation associated with lightweight rifles in this regard.

Understanding the Impact of Barrel and Muzzle Design 

Central to the functionality of the Faxon ION-X Hyperlite AR15 are its 16″ 5.56 NATO pencil profile barrel and its 3-port muzzle brake design. The barrel’s design contributes to the rifle’s lighter weight and supports accuracy, while the innovative muzzle brake design not only catches the eye but allows practical functionality by facilitating the removal of the gas block or barrel nut without necessitating the disassembly of the muzzle device.

The Ensemble of High-Performance Components

A firearm is not an assembly of individual parts but a harmony of components functioning together. The Faxon ION-X Hyperlite AR15 seeks to embody this philosophy with high-functioning components that integrate seamlessly. Some examples include an adjustable gas block that facilitates practical performance adjustments and a durable, heat-resistant carbon fiber M-LOK handguard that adds to the gun’s usability by being easily customizable.

The Faxon ION-X Hyperlite AR15 showcases unique qualities that set it apart in the lightweight AR15 market. It blends meticulous attention to detail, focusing on optimizing the balance between weight and performance. Therefore, for those exploring future purchases of AR15 rifles, the Faxon ION-X Hyperlite offers an option that is more than just a lightweight rifle. 

Want to know more? Head to their website and read more about what Faxon is calling the best lightweight AR15.

Faxon Ruger 10/22 Threaded Barrel

For nearly six decades, the Ruger 10/22 has held a prominent place in the world of shooting sports. 

But what makes it so special, you ask? It’s the fusion of reliability, affordability, and customization that sets this semi-automatic rifle apart from its competitors.

Think of threaded barrels as the ‘extra spice’ in your shooting experience. 

Say goodbye to the limitations of inferior barrels and embrace the reliability and longevity offered by the Faxon Rimfire barrel. 

Whether you’re engaged in competitive shooting, hunting, or plinking, this barrel’s robust design ensures it stands up to the test, providing you with consistent performance and peace of mind.

Features of a Ruger 10/22 Threaded Barrel

Ruger 10/22 threaded barrels from Faxon come in various lengths, ranging from 6 to 16 inches; 16 inches being the most common. These barrels, constructed from high-quality steel, guarantee durability and robustness.

The thread pitch on the 10/22 barrel are 1/2″-28 TPI (Threads Per Inch), the most common threading for .22 caliber firearms. This universal specification allows for a wide range of attachments.

The 1:16 twist rate is often considered ideal for .22LR (.22 Long Rifle) cartridges due to several factors. Here are a few reasons why this twist rate is commonly favored.

Why is the 1:16 twist rate the best for 22LR

Stability: The primary purpose of barrel rifling is to impart a stabilizing spin to the bullet, improving accuracy and consistency. The 1:16 twist rate effectively stabilizes .22LR bullets, allowing them to maintain a stable flight path over short to medium distances.

Bullet Length and Weight: The .22LR bullet is fairly lightweight, usually around 40 grains. These bullets are relatively short compared to heavier projectiles used in larger calibers. The 1:16 twist rate is optimized for stabilizing lighter and shorter bullets, allowing them to achieve greater accuracy.

Muzzle Velocity: .22LR ammunition is known for its relatively low muzzle velocities compared to other cartridges. The 1:16 twist rate complements the lower velocities of .22LR by providing sufficient spin stabilization without over-stabilizing the bullet. Over-stabilization can negatively impact accuracy, so the 1:16 twist rate strikes a balance.

Common Industry Standard: Over time, the 1:16 twist rate has become the standard for .22LR rifles and handguns. This consistency allows manufacturers to produce firearms with interchangeable barrels and ensures compatibility with a wide range of commercially available ammunition.

It’s important to note that while the 1:16 twist rate is widely regarded as effective for .22LR, there can be variations based on specific bullet designs, barrel lengths, and shooting conditions. Some firearms may have different twist rates optimized for particular .22LR bullet weights or styles, but the 1:16 twist rate generally offers a good balance of accuracy and stability for most .22LR ammunition.

Ruger 10/22 Threaded Barrels By Faxon Firearms

The “Faxon Rimfire” line of barrels, like all Faxon Barrels, is manufactured internally at our facility in Greater Cincinnati. We start with raw bar stock and employ the same stringent testing and quality control measures that have established Faxon AR and pistol barrels as favorites in the market.

These particular barrels are crafted from 416-R stainless steel, which is renowned for its durability and corrosion resistance. They feature a 6 Groove Rifling configuration with a 1:16 twist rate, ensuring optimal accuracy and stability for your rimfire firearms. Additionally, a Recessed Target Crown is incorporated into the design to enhance the barrel’s precision.

To guarantee exceptional performance, all Faxon 10/22 barrels undergo Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI), a non-destructive testing method that detects potential flaws or defects. This inspection process helps ensure that only barrels meeting their strict quality standards are approved for use.

As for the finishing options, Faxon 10/22 threaded barrels are available in either Salt Bath Nitride or Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) finishes. Salt Bath Nitride provides superior corrosion resistance and enhances the barrel’s hardness, while PVD offers a durable and attractive coating.

When it comes to profiles, they offer a variety of options to suit different preferences and shooting styles. You can choose from straight-fluted, pencil, flame-fluted, bull barrel–flame–fluted, and bull barrel–straight–fluted profiles. Each profile has its own unique aesthetic and performance characteristics, allowing you to customize your 10/22 rifle to your liking.

Lastly, Faxon backs all 10/22 threaded barrels with the Faxon Lifetime Guarantee. This means that they stand behind the quality and craftsmanship of their barrels, offering you peace of mind and assurance in your purchase.

Faxon Rimfire barrels are meticulously crafted using high-quality materials and rigorous testing procedures. With their excellent features, finishes, and profile options, these barrels are designed to deliver exceptional performance and reliability.

Faxon Rimfire 6″ Straight Fluted Barrel for 10/22

Enhance the accuracy and functionality of your Ruger 10/22 rifle with the Faxon Rimfire 6″ Straight Fluted Barrel. Designed for discerning shooters, this barrel is meticulously crafted to deliver unrivaled precision and performance. Experience a new level of shooting satisfaction with its cutting-edge features.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Faxon Rimfire 6″ Straight Fluted Barrel for 10/22 is the result of relentless dedication to quality. Constructed from premium materials, this barrel ensures exceptional durability, allowing you to enjoy its benefits for years to come. Its seamless integration with your Ruger 10/22 guarantees a reliable and seamless shooting experience.


  • Barrel Caliber: .22 LR
  • Barrel Chamber: .22 LR Sporting
  • Barrel Profile: Straight Fluted
  • Barrel Material: 416-R Stainless
  • Barrel Weight: .78 lbs
  • Barrel Length: 6″
  • Barrel Twist: 1:16
  • Barrel Finish: Salt Bath Nitride
  • Rifling: 6 Groove
  • Target Crown: Recessed
  • Compatibility: 10/22, non-takedown
  • Muzzle Thread: 1/2×28

Faxon Rimfire 8.5″ Patented Flame Fluted Barrel for 10/22

Unlock the true potential of your Ruger 10/22 with the Faxon Rimfire 8.5″ Patented Flame Fluted Barrel. Engineered with precision in mind, this barrel is designed to elevate your shooting experience to new heights. Explore the distinct features that make this barrel a must-have for any discerning shooter.

The unique fluting not only adds a touch of visual flair but also enhances the barrel’s performance. By increasing surface area and reducing weight, the flame fluting promotes better heat dissipation, resulting in cooler barrel temperatures during rapid-fire sessions.

Experience exceptional accuracy with the Faxon Rimfire 8.5″ Patented Flame Fluted Barrel. Meticulously crafted to exacting specifications, it ensures consistent shot placement, allowing you to hit your target with unmatched precision.


  • Barrel Caliber: .22 LR
  • Barrel Chamber: .22 LR Sporting
  • Barrel Profile: Flame Fluted
  • Barrel Material: 416-R Stainless
  • Barrel Weight: .95 lbs
  • Barrel Length: 8.5″
  • Barrel Twist: 1:16
  • Barrel Finish: Salt Bath Nitride
  • Rifling: 6 Groove
  • Target Crown: Recessed
  • Compatibility: 10/22, non-takedown
  • Muzzle Thread: 1/2×28

Faxon Rimfire 10.5″ Straight Fluted Barrel for 10/22

Unleash your shooting potential with the Faxon Rimfire 10.5″ Straight Fluted Barrel for 10/22. Designed to elevate your accuracy to new heights, this high-performance barrel is perfect for precision shooters and avid enthusiasts. Its exceptional craftsmanship ensures consistent and reliable shot placement, making it the ideal choice for those seeking unparalleled accuracy.

Crafted from premium-quality materials, the Faxon Rimfire barrel undergoes meticulous manufacturing processes to deliver exceptional performance. The straight-fluting design not only enhances its visual appeal but also reduces weight without compromising structural integrity. With its precise rifling, this barrel enables better bullet stabilization, resulting in improved shot-to-shot consistency and enhanced accuracy.

Whether you’re a competitive shooter or a recreational marksman, the Faxon Rimfire 10.5″ Straight Fluted Barrel empowers you to hit your targets with pinpoint precision. Experience the thrill of tight groupings and precise shots, giving you the confidence to outperform your competition and reach new levels of shooting mastery.


  • Barrel Caliber: .22 LR
  • Barrel Chamber: .22 LR Sporting
  • Barrel Profile: Straight Fluted
  • Barrel Material: 416-R Stainless
  • Barrel Weight: 1.1 lbs
  • Barrel Length: 10.5″
  • Barrel Twist: 1:16
  • Barrel Finish: Salt Bath Nitride
  • Rifling: 6 Groove
  • Target Crown: Recessed
  • Compatibility: 10/22, non-takedown
  • Muzzle Thread: 1/2×28

Faxon Rimfire 16″ Straight Fluted 10/22 Barrel

Unleash the true potential of your Ruger 10/22 with the Faxon Rimfire 16″ Straight Fluted Barrel. Engineered to deliver exceptional accuracy and performance, this barrel is designed for precision shooting enthusiasts.

In order to add the distinctive Faxon style to these 10/22 threaded barrels, they have modified three of its highly sought-after barrel designs originally used for the AR platform to suit the Ruger 10/22 platform: Pencil, Straight Fluted, and the exclusive Flame Fluted profile.

With its 16″ length, this barrel provides increased muzzle velocity and improved ballistics. Experience tighter groupings and extended effective range, giving you the edge in any shooting scenario.

Additionally, Faxon threaded 10/22 barrels provide a reduction in weight compared to standard factory barrels designed for the 10/22.

  • Standard Factory Barrel: 1.78 lbs
  • Faxon Rimfire Pencil Barrels: 1.0 lbs
  • Faxon Rimfire Fluted Barrels: 1.4 lbs


  • Barrel Caliber: .22 LR
  • Barrel Chamber: .22 LR Sporting
  • Barrel Profile: Straight Fluted
  • Barrel Material: 416-R Stainless
  • Barrel Weight: 1.4 lbs
  • Barrel Length: 16″
  • Barrel Twist: 1:16
  • Barrel Finish: Salt Bath Nitride
  • Rifling: 6 Groove
  • Target Crown: Recessed
  • Compatibility: 10/22, non-takedown
  • Taper:
    • .912″ after chamber
    • .586″ before thread shoulder
  • Muzzle Thread: 1/2×28

The Ruger 10/22 threaded barrels offered by Faxon Firearms provide gun enthusiasts with a reliable and versatile upgrade option. These barrels not only enhance the overall performance of the Ruger 10/22 rifle but also offer the convenience of attaching various muzzle devices and suppressors.

Faxon Firearms has demonstrated its commitment to quality and precision with its meticulously crafted threaded barrels. Their attention to detail ensures consistent accuracy and durability, making them a reliable choice for shooters of all skill levels.

The threaded barrels from Faxon Firearms open up a world of possibilities for customization and personalization. Whether it’s for competitive shooting, hunting, or recreational purposes, the ability to easily attach different accessories allows users to adapt their Ruger 10/22 to suit their specific needs.

Furthermore, Faxon Firearms’ reputation for exceptional customer service adds to the overall positive experience of purchasing their products. They prioritize customer satisfaction, providing reliable support and assistance throughout the purchasing and installation process.

Overall, Ruger 10/22 threaded barrels from Faxon Firearms offer a winning combination of performance, versatility, and customer support. With their superior craftsmanship and compatibility with various muzzle devices, these barrels elevate the Ruger 10/22 rifle to new heights.

FrogLube joins Public Square Online Marketplace

PublicSq’s explosive growth offers an alternative to companies that advance ESG & DEI agendas

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Public Square is a marketplace of like minded businesses and customers who want to align their selling and purchasing decisions with freedom loving values. Their marketplace offers a single entry point for people who want to regain control over their spending decisions and shift away from the woke madness.

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About FrogLube
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