Battle Arms Development Teams Up With AXTS Weapons

AR15news - logoBattle Arms DevelopmentCheck out the pics below of the just announced partnership between Battle Arms Development and AXTS Weapons Systems to create a 45 degree safety selector lower receiver.  It will also feature AXTS’ right hand bolt catch as well.                    

As we mentioned before, the B.A.D.A.S.S. for the M-16 is currently installed on some rifles being tested in the military’s Improved Carbine Trials and have well over 100,000 rounds through them without any issues.

The guys over at Battle Arms Development originally planned on making their own receivers but have been so impressed with the quality of the AXTS Weapons products that they decided not to.

These pics show the full auto receivers from AXTS but they also have a half-a-dozen or so companies that will be creating 45 degree receivers in semi auto, including one from Spike’s Tactical (according to BattleArmsDevelopment.com).

We’ll keep you updated as we get more information.  Have a great weekend!

AXTS Weapons Lower with BADASS 45 selector 3AXTS Weapons Lower with BADASS 45 selector 2