Forward Controls Design is excited to introduce a new Glock Slimline optics plate: the OPF-G43x/48 RMR. It’s a new addition to the OPF family of optics plates.

This plate allows Glock 43X MOS or Glock 48 owners to mount a full-sized RMR, SRO, or RCR on their factory-milled slide. The reason we wanted to offer this is that despite the RMRcc being almost identical in width the RMR, some have expressed the sacrifice in window size between the two makes the RMR the preferable choice, even on smaller pistols.

Glock G43X with OPF-G43X

The OPF-G43x/48 RMR mount not only raises the mounting surface but also includes lugs and a front recoil fence to securely hold the sight in place. The package includes 2 plate-to-slide screws, 4 sight-to-plate screws, and a packet of VC-3 Vibratite. The OPF-G43x/48 RMR is lightweight and features a large lightning cut that is hidden once installed, helping to reduce unnecessary weight.

Forward Controls Glock 43X Plate

Forward Controls Glock 43X Plate

All our RMR OPF plates have recoil lugs that meet specifications and are never undersized. These recoil lugs are essential to prevent mounting failures, as using screws alone as recoil lugs with the RMR footprint is insufficient. We are proud to say that this design has had no failures throughout the lifespan of the product family, knowing that users can trust it.

Close-up of Forward Controls U.S. Patent Number

Upgrades like the FCD Glock Slimline optics plate focus on three criteria: a design that holds optics securely, tight tolerances, and strong material selection. These criteria are essential for LE and MIL applications. FCD supports factory-milled slides, providing a standardized mounting solution for a wide range of optics. FCD uses US-sourced 4140 steel and machine shops with tight tolerances. OPF optics plates ensure secure mounting that maintains zero during drops, one-hand manipulations, and battery changes (RMR).

Due to the slight possibility of differences from brand to brand, it is recommended you doublecheck individual Glock 18 holster manufacturer websites to ensure proper fitment. 

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