Revision Eyewear – They've got you covered!

AR15news - logoBy now most of you, if not all of you, are probably familiar with Revision Eyewear.  Revision Eyewear is quickly taking over the protective eyewear market including some large Military/LE contracts and about a month ago Revision was generous enough to offer a 30% discount code to all AR15NEWS readers.

I know most people think of protective eyewear as those silly looking goggles you wore in shop class but that is not the case with Revision Eyewear.  Whether you are looking for a set of cool looking, stylish sunglasses that offer ballistic protection or full on operator style goggles they have something for you.  Revision wants to get that message out to as many people as possible, including those of you who read the articles here on AR15NEWS.com, which is why they asked me to do review on their three newest pairs of eyewear.  

I’ll tell you that I was very excited when Dave at Revision contacted me about doing this review.  Dave said that one of their goals as a company for the new year was to partner up with some websites like AR15NEWS.com to spread the word about their world class Ballistic Eyewear.  Once you’ve read this review and watched the videos below you will be so impressed that you will have to become “Revision Ready”.

This review will focus on the three newest pairs of Revision Eyewear starting with the………


The SAWFLY is an amazing piece of protective equipment. In the video below you will see the SAWFLY being shot with a 12 gauge shotgun from 16 feet away but not allowing any penetrations at all.  Simply amazing!  Even though it has already been proven to be the best ballistic eyewear available it has been totally updated from the previous version including 1.) New arms designed to enhance comfort and compatibility with everyday military gear. 2.) A more comfortable nose piece. 3.) New Secure-snap Retention System that snaps securely into place to keep the glasses where they belong. 4.) A more aggressive frame design and 5.) Extended lenses for better side impact protection.

The SAWFLY has a quick-change lens system that allows you to easily swap them out to meet the needs of your current situation. You can choose between a variety of lenses including high-impact polarized, high-contrast yellow, etc.  It was impressed with how light-weight and comfortable the SAWFLY is.  I usually have a hard time getting any type of glasses to fit but the SAWFLY’s arms flex and wrap around your head to make them feel like they aren’t even there.  These are truly the nicest pair of ballistic eyewear I’ve had the privilege of wearing.  I have included some information below and a really cool video from Revisions website for you to check out.

  • SUPERIOR BALLISTICS: High-impact system exceeds ANSI Z87.1-2010 and military ballistic impact requirements for spectacles (MIL-PRF-31013, clause and goggles (MIL-DTL-43511D, clause 3.5.10)
  • FLAWLESS OPTICS: Precision manufactured interchangeable lenses ensure distortion-free vision, full side-impact protection and anti-fog performance.
  • COMMS-COMPATIBLE ARMS: Lean, extendable arms guarantee the utmost comfort, equipment compatibility and stay-put fit. Thinness ensures hearing protection and headsets work as designed while the overmolded underframe provides shock absorption and grip.
  • COMFORT NOSEPIECE: Engineered for enhanced comfort, retention and durability. Soft durometer nosepad provides added cushioning and grip.
  • SECURE RETENTION: Secure-snap retention band clips firmly into frame, keeping eyewear in place during high activity missions
  • RUGGED DURABILITY: Eyepro that lasts, performs and protects through all the rigors of combat — in a lightweight package that’s just 1 1/4 ounces
  • TWO SIZES: Two sizes with adjustable arms ensure perfect fit.
    • Regular: fits most head sizes
    • Large: hat sizes 7.5+
  • PRESCRIPTION READY: Optional Rx Carrier available (also compatible with Desert Locust and Bullet Ant goggles). Click here for more.
  • APEL APPROVED: On the U.S. Army Authorized Protective Eyewear List.

The next pair is the…….


The HELLFLY is the one that I felt truly showed Revision’s dedication to providing protective eyewear for people in all walks of life.  Most people have their normal sunglasses that they wear around town on a daily basis but they don’t offer any ballistic protection at all.  Now you can finally get ballistic protection in a package that looks awesome too.  Now as I mentioned before, I usually have a hard time getting sunglasses to fit well (too many broken noses :)).

HELLFLY's unique nose-piece

The HELLFLY has a unique nose piece that is way easier to adjust than any other pair of sunglasses I’ve ever used.  You can see in the picture below that it is totally separate from the frame allowing you to easily adjust the nose-piece and keep the glasses centered on your face.  The HELLFLY is also very light-weight and wrap around your face to better protect from light, wind and fragments.  You can choose from 5 different frame colors (Black, Steel Blue, Taupe, Khaki and Silver) and 8 different lens colors (Smoke, Flame Mirror, Clear, High-Contrast, Photochromic, Midnight Mirror, Ocean Mirror and Polarized) to allow you to create your own style.  Again, check out the information below from Revision’s website.

  • OPTICS: 2mm thick lenses made of high impact, optical grade polycarbonate ensure visual clarity.
  • 100% UV PROTECTION from harmful UV A-B-C rays.
  • WRAP-AROUND design with wide field-of-view protects from light, wind and unexpected fragments.
  • COMFORTABLE FIT contours to face; adjustable nosepiece for custom fit; overmolded arms keep eyewear in place.
  • LOW PROFILE DESIGN provides comfort for all.
  • TOUGH & DURABLE material resistant to chemicals & extreme temperatures; lens hard coated for maximum scratch resistance.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: At 1 oz. the Hellfly is lightweight and comfortable.
  • VARIETY of frame and lens colors to suit any mission.
  • OPTIONAL PRESCRIPTION lenses available. Click here for more.

Last but not least is the…….


The WOLFSPIDER offers everything you could possibly need in a tactical goggle and then some.  If any of you are looking for a new pair of tactical goggles, look no further!  The first thing I noticed while wearing the WOLFSPIDER is how wide the field of view is.  You almost can’t see the sides of the goggles in your peripheral.  The lenses are the same impenetrable material as the SAWFLY lenses and are available in Clear, Smoke/Solar and High-Contrast Yellow.  The WOLFSPIDER also allows you to swap out the lenses as you see fit to meet your the needs of your current mission.

Revision realized that our soldiers will be wearing these for extended periods of time so they designed them with a dual-material frame allowing for flexibility while still maintaining their high impact protection.  They also come with a wide elastic strap for comfort.  While you may want to wear these around in your car while driving everyday they definitely are larger and more “goggle’ish” than that previous two pairs of eyewear so you might want to pick up a pair of HELLFLY’s to go with your WOLFSPIDER’s. 🙂

  • High-impact system exceeds military ballistic impact requirements for goggles: MIL-DTL-43511D clause 3.5.10 and EN 166. Meets and exceeds ANSI Z87.1 optical and ballistic requirements
  • Dual-material frame technology offers durable high-impact protection and flexibility for extreme comfort
  • Compact, low-profile design with unrestricted field-of-view for enhanced war-fighting capabilities
  • Flawless optics ensure clear and accurate vision for peak performance
  • High performance OcuMax® coating protects against fogging and scratching
  • Easily interchangeable lenses for various light conditions provide 100% UV-A-B-C protection