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Strike Industries logoSo I’ve been thinking about buying a new Vertical Foregrip for my AR-15 lately but I haven’t been able to decide if I want a shorter “Stubby/CQB” vertical grip or do I want the standard size vertical grip.  There are positives for both styles so how do you choose?  Actually you don’t have to choose any more.  The guys over at Strike Industries have designed a new aluminum Vertical Grip called the Dura Grip that can be converted from your standard size Vertical Grip to a CQB style in just seconds.  It also features a water-tight storage compartment that will hold up to 3 spare 123A batteries.  The Dura Grip is available in HANDY or PRO versions (see differences below) and are very affordable.  Expect these to be available for purchase very soon!  Check out the specs and pics from Strike Industries below. 


The Dura Grip line of vertical grips are all CNC machined aluminum and designed to last.  For those that seek a bit more from their accessories the metal design is built to take some serious punishment right down to the steel mounting screw.  Our Dura Grip line also are convertible from full size to CQB configurations in just seconds. Both end caps are sealed with o-rings and are waterproof.  Have optics, flashlights? Our Dura Grip line accomodate up to 3 123A batteries. Roof of the grip features a spring and the bottom cap has soft lining in order to keep the batteries safe and from discharging.

The Handy version is our bare bones version for those of you that don’t need the extra bells and whistles.  Not everyone runs optics or flashlights and we had you in mind when desinging our Handy version.  Dura Grip Handy version gives you unsurpassed ergonomics with increased surface area with lighter weight.

The PRO version features 2 switch pockets and accommodate a wide variety of pressure pad switches. If you have a flashlight, PEQ box, laser, or any other accessory that is dependent on a pressure switch then our PRO Dura Grip is perfect.  With our built-in finger grooves and contour grooves the Dura Grip PRO gives you unsurpassed ergonomics with increased surface area with lighter weight.


  • CNC machined aluminum
  • Steel mounting screw
  • Convertible design, goes from a full size grip to CQB in seconds
  • Holds up to 3 spare 123A batteries (2 in CQB configuration and 3 in full size config.)
  • O-Ring sealed end cap
  • Internal padding end cap for safe transporting of spare batteries
  • Weighs 4oz in full config. and 3oz in CQB config.
  • Straight to the point mounting, installs in seconds


Strike Industries Dura Grip 1

Strike Industries Dura Grip Handy


Strike Industries Dura Grip 2

Converting from Standard to CQB


Strike Industries Dura Grip 3

Strike Industries Dura Grip CQB Length


Strike Industries Dura Grip Pro 1

Strike Industries Dura Grip Pro


Strike Industries Dura Grip Pro 2

Strike Industries Dura Grip Pro Components


Strike Industries Dura Grip Pro 3

Strike Industries Dura Grip Pro

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