NEW!! Primary Arms 7X Magnifier

If you have any type of Red Dot for your AR-15 you probably also own a 2X-3X Magnifier as well.  For most shooting situations the 3X magnifier is pretty sufficient but for those of you that want to use your Red Dot for longer range shooting you might want to check out Primary Arms.  They already have a 5X magnifier available and now they have just announced their new 7X magnifier as well.  It has some nice adjustment features and best of all it’s only $99.  Check out the pic and information below!    


Primary Arms would like to formally introduce our latest addition to the Primary Arms line-up, the 7X Magnifier! After many requests for a high power magnifier for longer distance shooting, we’re proud to show off what should be a great addition to any long range rifle platform.  This magnifier includes the very popular azimuth and elevation adjustment feature which makes our 3X Deluxe magnifier so popular.  Many times when mounting a magnifier behind a red dot, a slight shift can occur that makes the reticle pop-up not quite centered within the magnifier picture.  This feature allows you to maintain the zero on your optic, but adjust where the reticle shows up within the magnifier itself using a left-right and up-down screw adjustment.  The magnifier will fit in any of our magnifier mounts to line up with most optics.

  • Water proof and fog resistant (Nitrogen purged)
  • Focus ring for a super clear image
  • One Year Replacement Warranty
  • Eye Relief – 1.9″
  • Length – 5 1/4″
  • Weight – 8 1/8 oz
  • Weight in Screw Mount – 11 7/8 oz
  • Weight in QD Mount – 11 1/8 oz
  • Weight in Flip tio Side Mount – 13 1/4 oz


Primary Arms 7X Magnifier
Primary Arms 7X Magnifier