NEW Rifle!! Loki Weapon Systems – LOKI MOE Carbine

Check out this press release from Loki Weapon Systems.  Today they are announcing their new LOKI MOE Carbine.  If you are looking for a top-of-the-line rifle that’s already fully loaded with cool stuff, this one deserves a shot.

The LOKI MOE Carbine comes with a very nice Magpul furniture package which includes the MOE Handguard, MOE Grip, MOE Stock, MOE Trigger Guard, a PMAG and a Magpul Rear BUIS.  It also comes with a NiB (Nickle Boron) coated Bolt Carrier Group.  Take a few minutes to read the information from the press release below and then head on over to Loki Weapon Systems to order one for yourself!



Loki Moe Carbine