Wilson Combat – Accu-Rizer Scope Mount – Product Review

wilson_combat_logoI wanted to share with you guys a solution to an annoying problem I was having with my AR-15.  My AR-15 is a flat top upper which is perfect for mounting any type of optic you can think.  The issue I had was getting the scope mounted on the top rail that was comfortable for shooting and was compatible with other accessories on my top rail.

First of all the scope was mounted way too close to the top rail so when I looked through the glass I felt that I had to cock my head at almost a 90 degree angle just to get my eye relief right.  I was using a set of taller Tactical Scope Rings but no matter which one of my scopes I tried it just wouldn’t work.  The first 20-30 rounds are fine but any more than that and you can really start to feel the fatigue in your neck.

Not the kind my wife tells me I have! 🙂  This issue has to do with the fact that I couldn’t keep my flip up iron sights mounted on the rail if I wanted to use my scope.  Iron sights are my favorite way to shoot so it was very annoying to have to remove them.  Luckily the iron sights don’t loose zero as easily as a scope does, which leads me to the next part.

The third and final part to this problem was loosing the zero on my scope every time I had to switch it out.  Because I was using two separate scope rings to mount the optic it was nearly impossible to re-mount it in the exact same spot.  At 30 yards you might not notice it too much but at 200, 300, etc. you can imagine how off it will be.

Thankfully I have been blessed with some pretty awesome friends in the firearm biz.  Tressa at Wilson Combat knew I was looking for a Scope Rizer and swooped in to save the day.  She offered to send me one of their Wilson Combat Accu-Rizer Scope Mounts to try out and I have to say it has made a world of difference.

The Accu-Rizer can be purchased to fit either 1 inch or 30mm tubes.  All of my scopes have been 30mm so that is what I chose.  It immediately fixed all of the issues that I have had up to this point.  Not to mention that it looks a heck of a lot cooler than your standard scope rings.

The first thing is the scope is now almost an inch higher off of the rail than it was with my scope rings.  This put the eye relief in a much easier to attain position.  It also eliminates the strain on the neck from having to lean it so far to the side.  You wouldn’t think that little bit of difference would matter but try it and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Secondly, I now was also able to keep my flip up iron sights installed with the scope mounted to the rifle.  The extra space beneath the scope is more than enough to accommodate pretty much any flip up BUIS out there.  It wasn’t so much an issue with the front sight but the rear sight was always in the way even when folded down.  This made me very happy.

Third and final fix was the ability to remount the scope after using the Iron Sights without totally screwing up my zero.  I noticed a drastic improvement when using the Accu-Rizer.  Not to say that I could take it off and then remount and not loose any zero, but it was at least still on target and didn’t need very much adjustment at all.  The reason it works so well is it uses a single large spring-loaded steel locking plate verses the little locking plates that come on the scope rings.  The steel mounting screw also has a large triangle head on it to allow for easy removal/install without the use of any tools at all.


The Accu-Rizer it self is made from Aluminum Bar Stock and then Black hard coat anodized.  The scope mounts to the Accu-Rizer by removing the cap of the ring which are both held on by four large Torx screws each.  You can also purchase a set of caps that have an integrated Picatinny Rail as well.

Overall I am very impressed with not only the high quality of the product but the fact that it did everything that it was designed to do and does it flawlessly.  I usually have at least one or two CONS for any item that I review but I haven’t been able to find one yet and I’ve had mine for about 3 months now.

Check out the rest of the pictures below and if any of you have questions about this item please feel free to contact me.  At $149.95 it isn’t the least expensive upgrade for your rifle but it may just be the most effective.