JTECH Gear – Modular Medical Backpack-I

Hey everyone.  Hope you’re having a great start to your week.  News has been kind of slow the last few days but luckily my friends over at JTECH Gear asked me to share a new video and info for their Modular Medical Backpack-I with you guys.  I haven’t posted about any new gear in a while so this was perfect timing.  Check em out!

The Modular Medical Backpack-I, is a load bearing pack that features MOLLE on the backpack face to attach any miscellaneous pouches the user desires. Another feature is the availability of Velcro for attaching identification patches as well as other moral patches. The Modular Medical Backpack-I can also be combined with the the J-Tech Compression Ruck Sack or the backpack frame.


1. Stores complete assortment of medical supplies
2. Backpack Face MOLLE
3. Available Velcro for identification and moral patches
4. Optional use with J-Tech Compression Ruck Sack
5. Optional use with Backpack Frame
6. Made of 1000Denier Nylon

More information:  ww.JTECHGear.com