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Colt Defense – Bulldog Gatlin Gun 1 of 50 Special Order

Posted on September 1st, 2011 by ar15news

I’m usually pretty selective when it comes to posting about non-AR15 related products but in this case when my buddy Jeremy at Tombstone Tactical showed me this I felt I just had to share this with all of you!  For those of you who already have pretty much one of every kind of gun out there and are looking for something crazy cool, this post is specifically for you!  Heck, even if your not this post is for you.

Right now Colt is manufacturing 50 of the Bulldog Gatling Guns.  These are the old style gravity fed Gat’s where you place the ammo in a vertical feeder and run the crank on the back.  I already know what you’re about to ask…..the answer is 1,000 rounds per minute!  Gotta get me one.  Who wants to pony up the money and I’ll pay for storage at my house?  These are available for purchase through Tombstone Tactical!

About the Colt Defense Rifles

Colt is manufacturing 50 new Bulldog Gatling Guns, two every month for the next two years. These will be one 1 of 50 made. This is a special pre-order first come first served. A non-refundable deposit of $5000 is required to reserve one.

Bulldog Gatling at History Channel

This item is currently unavailable, but a deposit of 10% will confirm your order and get the item shipped as soon as it is available.  You may order the Colt Defense Bulldog Gatling Gun 1 of 50 Special Order online for $50000.00 and FREE shipping.  Please click here or contact our sales department to place your order.

In order to be competive, our prices reflect a 3% discount for payment by cash or check.  All other forms of payment will be subject to an additional $1500.00 in processing fees.



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