NEW!! Strike Industries Pyramid Angled Rail Adapter

Strike Industries has become one of those companies that you just need to keep an eye on so you don’t miss anything.  You’ve got to check out their latest really cool, new, innovative product.  It’s called the Pyramid Angled Rail Adapter and despite its diminutive size should come in very handy! 

The Pyramid Angled Rail Adapter is an add-on piece of rail that is canted at a 17 degree angle to give you a different/comfortable hand position when using your Vertical Forward Grip.  As if that isn’t cool enough it also allows you to use your current VFG or purchase the VFG of your choice.

You can install the P.A.R.A. in either direction on your rifle thus giving you either an angle toward the front or rear.  Strike Industries says “Angle it forward to simulate the Romanian AK handguard or angle it back to add a 2nd front pistol grip similar to a Mk43. When installed back the grip is angled 17 degrees and the same as an AR15 grip. ”

Strike Industries has made a name for themselves with their high quality polymer products but this ingenious little guy isn’t made of polymer.  It’s made of 6061-T6 Aluminum and has been hard coat anodized.  They are still very inexpensive at $29.99!

Check out the pictures below to and then head on over to Strike Industries to purchase one for yourself!  Also, don’t forget to “Like” Strike Industries on Facebook to keep up with all of their new product announcements.  ~  Ben