NEW!! Phase 5 Tactical – Single Point Bungee Slings w/MOLLE Attachment System

It seems like every day my friends over at Phase 5 Tactical are adding another awesome looking product to their already robust list of AR-15 accessories.  It was only a matter of time before these guys ventured into the sling manufacturing business and it looks like they have a great start with their new Single Point Bungee Slings with MOLLE Attachment System and get this…it’s made right here in the U.S.A. and only costs $40. 

The MOLLE Attachment System is a really cool idea that allows you to attach any MOLLE-compatible accessory to the sling.  This is a great way to utilize those extra Malice Clips you’ve got laying around and attach your favorite knife/cleaning tool sheath, an extra Pistol Mag pouch or anything else you might want, to your sling.

They also come in quite a few different Color/Camo options.  Options include Black, Digital Blue Camo, Digital Dark Camo, Digital Desert Camo, Digital Jungle Camo and Grunt ACU Camo.  You can see these colors in the picture below.

Phase 5™ Single Point Bungee Sling with MOLLE attachment system.

The P5T Single point bungee sling allows the weapon to be carried close to the operator’s
body resulting in a quick to-shoulder situation.

Heavy duty elastic cord with reinforced hog-ring clips for extra weight support.

-Color: Black, Digital Blue Camo, Digital Dark Camo, Digital Desert Camo, Digital Jungle Camo or Grunt ACU Camo
-powder coated steel hardware and metal trigger snap.
-heavy duty shrink tubing.
-double reinforced hog-ring clips.
-heavy duty bungee cords.
-multiple colors and patterns available.
-MOLLE attachment system.
-AR-15 / M-16 / CAR / M4 / AR-15 Pistol


The P5T Single Point Sling with MOLLE Attachment System is available for purchase online at Phase5Tactical.com.