Rainier Arms Match 16″ .223 Wylde Barrel – $225

Looking for a nice barrel upgrade?  Rainier Arms offers three different levels of match grade barrels.  First is Rainier Select, then Rainier Match and then Rainier UltraMatch.  They have added another new barrel to their Rainier Match level which is a 16″ .223 Wylde chambered barrel.  A .223 chambered barrel is typically more accurate than a 5.56 barrel but don’t handle heavier loads as well as 5.56 barrels do.  The Wylde chambered barrels are designed to be a compromise between a .223 and 5.56 chambered barrel.  If you’re looking to increase the accuracy of your rifle but not break the bank this Rainier Match .223 Wylde Barrel is a no brainer at just $225.  Check out the specs an pictures below.  Then head on over to Rainier Arms to get one for yourself!

Many have asked us to build a barrel with the same workmanship as our UltraMatch™ barrels while keeping it more affordable. Our Match™ barrels are the answer. We start off using a Wilson blank in 1:8 twist, machine it to a highest quality and matched with our limited-life time warranty, you have a barrel that is the best value, hands down, in the industry. We are so confident in our Match™ barrels that we will offer a 100% money back guarantee within 90 days of purchase. If you aren’t completely satisfied with the barrel for any reason, return it for a full refund, no questions asked.

These are similar to the White Oak Armament Barrels which are made with Wilson blanks but offer a 1:8 twist to accommodate to a wide range of bullet weights. Guaranteed to shoot sub-MOA with match grade ammo.

**This will be a limited run, as barrel blanks from Wilson are experiencing extremely long weight times. Get them while they last.


* Stainless Steel Match Grade Wilson Blank
* Length: 16″
* Twist: 1:8
* Thread Pitch: 1⁄2 X 28
* .750 Gas Block Seat
* .223 Wylde Chamber
* Midlength Gas System
* M4 Feed Ramps
* Proprietary Contour
* Bead Blasted Finish

Rainier Select – subMOA Guarantee
Rainier Match – Same Maching process & Contour as UltraMatch Series, Different Barrel Blank – subMOA Guarantee
Rainier UltraMatch – Our top of the line Barrel offering – subMOA Guarantee

Do you want to shoot Quarters, Nickels or Dimes?

This barrel and many more fine AR-15 Rifles, parts and accessories are available for purchase from RainierArms.com.