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Sneak Peek!! New AR-15 Stock from Leitner-Wise Manufacturing

Posted on March 19th, 2014 by ar15news

One of the coolest guys I follow on Instagram and Facebook is a guy named Paul Leitner-Wise who owns Leitner-Wise Manufacturing. If you’re not following him you definitely need to fix that. I don’t need to get into specifics but lets just say he’s had a very successful career in the Firearms Manufacturing business. Paul always seems to be working on something cool and one of those items is a sweet looking new collapsible AR-15 stock that focuses on a combination of Light Weight and High Strength design.

Leitner-Wise Mfg Collapsible Stock 1

Leitner-Wise Mfg Collapsible Stock 1

According to Paul it is made of a combination of Polymer and Aluminum making it very strong and very lightweight coming in at just about 8 ounces. The collapsible function will also work in a similar fashion to the popular UBR stock in that the stock can be adjusted while the portion of the stock where you place your cheek also known as the Cheek Weld will stay in the same spot but will be much lighter than a UBR stock. One of the things that you’ll probably like as well is that it will work with any normal milspec 6-position buffer tube. 

Leitner-Wise Mfg Collapsible Stock 1

Leitner-Wise Mfg Collapsible Stock 1

Just FYI, the stock adjuster was not shown in any of the photos above but will be shown in upcoming photos. According to Paul this stock is something they will make if there is enough interest which it already seems there is. Let us know what you think. No idea on price yet but I’m thinking it will be something we can all afford. Additional details to come soon.  

You can follow Paul Leitner-Wise on the following social media outlets.

AR15NEWS SPR Build Update

Posted on January 21st, 2014 by ar15news

I wasn’t really happy with the end product of my SPR build which is why you haven’t seen much of it lately. So I’ve been making some upgrades that I feel will help finish this build. One of the things I wanted to change was the stock so I just recently added a Magpul PRS stock with a Knight’s Armament Company receiver extension and buffer. I’ve always loved the PRS and feel like it really makes this lower exactly what I was hoping for from the start. 

AR15NEWS SPR Build 620

My SPR Lower now consists of a CMT Tactical billet lower, Battle Arms Development BAD-CASS short throw selector, Magpul PRS Stock and MOE+ grip and an awesome trigger in the Geissele SD-E. I already have about 200 rounds through this rifle and its a serious tack driver. The Geissele SD-E is such an amazing trigger and is perfect for the SPR. I’m toying with the idea of purchasing a monopod for the stock but I will most likely just stick with my trusty sand/bean bag for a while. Will update you guys with a new picture of my SPR upper in a few days as well. 

Great Clearance Deal – PSA Enhanced Lower Build Kit – Just $80

Posted on December 12th, 2013 by ar15news

I know how you guys like your sweet deals (so do I) so I thought this would be something you’re interested in. Palmetto State Armory has a bunch of their Enhanced Lower Build Kits in-stock right now so they put them up for sale at just $80. This includes a complete LPK (Lower Parts Kit) and a complete Receiver Extension Kit (Buttstock, Buffer Tube, Buffer, Action Spring, Castle Nut and End Plate). If you think about the numbers, an LPK usually goes for $50-60, which means you’re getting a complete Receiver Extension Kit for just $20. That’s a steal. Grab a few of these before they are all gone. I can’t tell you how many lowers I’ve finished off with PSA kits like this and have never had any issues with them. Get yours at

PSA Complete Lower Build Kit Deal 620

Includes PSA Enhanced M4 Stock and A2 Pistol grip in Black, Palmetto State Armory Classic Lower Parts Kit and Mil-Spec diameter 6-position buffer tube assembly.

Everything you need to finish your stripped lower!

Damage Industries Deal of the Week

Posted on August 27th, 2013 by ar15news

Damage Industries is a place that I personally spend money so I was happy to see that they started offering “Weekly Deals”. Whenever these pop up I will try to get the information to you guys as quick as possible. This weeks deal is on a product that always has me grabbing for my wallet because its a very important part to finishing off any lower. Now through Sunday you can pick up a complete Milspec M4 Buttstock Kit for just $40. That is a steal when you’re talking about a Stock, Buffer Tube, Buffer, Spring, Castle Nut and End Plate all for just $40. No coupon code needed or anything like that. Just add it to your cart and pay for it before they are all gone. Purchase yours at

Damage Industried Complete M4 buttstock kit

Mil-Spec, made in the USA.

Kit includes:

• M4 telescoping buttstock

• Mil-spec receiver extension (6 position) 7075 Aluminum

• Castle nut

• End plate

• Buffer, recoil

• Recoil spring, stainless

Plus we extended our Buy 1 get 1 FREE on ALL QD Swivels sale.

Swivel links:

PSA Classic M4 Stock Kit – On Sale for Just $40

Posted on August 12th, 2013 by ar15news

It always seems to work out this way. Last night I ordered a complete milspec buffer tube kit (no stock) from another company and paid $45 for it. Now today, PSA drops the price on their complete M4 Stock Kit which includes a stock to just $40. Oh well. This is a great deal for any of you looking to finish off a lower. I have used this exact kit on a few of my other guns and its been great. Purchase yours now at

PSA Classic Stock Kit Deal 2

This PSA stock kit includes an M4 stock, 6-position milspec diameter buffer tube, buffer spring, Carbine buffer, latch plate, and castle nut.

NEW!! H6 Buffer Upgrade Kit from Damage Industries

Posted on July 21st, 2013 by ar15news

Our friends at Damage Industries finally have an answer for those of you who own 20″ barreled AR’s and wish you could put a collapsible M4 style stock on it. Now you can swap out all of your old fixed rifle stock components with their new H6 Buffer Upgrade Kit, add your favorite mil-spec collapsible stock on and fire away. The H6 Buffer itself has been specifically designed for this application and helps your 20″ AR run with a collapsible stock with no FTF/FTE’s at all. Plus you can save 10% right now with the discount code listed below. Check out the pics, video and details below.

Damage Industries H6 Buffer Upgrade Kit 2 620

Damage Industries H6 Buffer Upgrade Kit 1 620

This kit contains all the parts necessary to retrofit 20″ barrel AR15/M16 rifles with a carbine-type adjustable stock. Allows 20″ rifles to be used with heavy body armor and in environments where a more compact weapon is needed. Currently fielded by United States Marine Corps, the H6 buffer allows flawless function of the short carbine recoil action when used on a 20″ rifle. Kit contains the following Mil-Spec parts: 5oz H6 buffer, buffer spring, buffer tube (4 position), locking nut and receiver end plate.

I’ve personally become very fond of the products I’ve purchased from Damage Industries. The H6 Buffer Upgrade Kit and many other awesome mil-spec components can be purchased at Use the code “AR4JULY” at checkout to save 10%.

We’ve talked about the Law Tactical AR Folding Stock Adapter before and a lot of you guys seemed to really like the idea.  I personally have been thinking about picking one up for myself.  I can think of a couple good reasons why I NEED one of these right off the top of my head.  If I put one on my AR Pistol it would increase the length of the buffer tube setup while making it easier to carry in my car or in a backpack, etc.  The other thing that immediately came to mind is for use in some of the shorter covert gun cases.  Instead of disassembling the upper and lower you would simply fold it which would effectively make it the same length as just the upper alone so it should fit.  Anyways, Extreme Outfitters has these on sale right now.  Instead of the normal $219.99 price they are $209.99….”but wait there’s more”….You can also take an additional 10% off if you use the code “AR15NEWS” at checkout.  If my math is correct, that puts the price at $188.99.  That’s a pretty decent discount on an item that is selling very well.  Consider it your AR15NEWS exclusive deal.  If you’ve been looking for a Law Tactical AR Folding Stock Adapter Gen 2, get yours now at

Law Tactical AR Folding Stock Adapter Gen 2 On Sale Discount 1

Law Tactical AR Folding Stock Adapter Gen 2 On Sale Discount

Two Awesome AR15 Parts Deals At Damage Industries

Posted on April 29th, 2013 by ar15news

A couple of weeks ago our friends over at Damage Industries had an introductory price of just $45 on their new Complete M4 Buttstock Assembly kit which included a milspec M4 stock, Milspec Buffer Tube, Buffer, Spring, Castle Nut and End Plate.  They sold a boat load of them at this price but after 2 weeks the introductory pricing went away and the price increased.  Well, since so many of you loved that pricing and asked for it again they do it one more time.  Now back by popular demand, you can again purchase the Complete M4 Stock Assembly kit from Damage Industries for just $45…but wait, there’s more!

I love it when companies listen to their customers.  After all, you are the ones buying this stuff.  Another thing that many people were asking for is a version of this kit with no stock.  So basically they wanted a buffer tube assembly kit at a cheaper price so they could go buy any stock they wanted.  Now, for the first time by popular demand, you can buy a complete milspec Buffer Tube Assembly kit from Damage Industries at just $32.  I recently ordered these exact same parts individually from Damage Industries and they are awesome.  Check out both of these deals below.  No telling how long the pricing will last this time so get them before this deal is gone.


Damage Industried Complete M4 buttstock kit


Damage Industried Complete Buffer Tube Assembly kit

**INTRO PRICE** Complete Mil-Spec M4 Buttstock Kit – $45

Posted on April 18th, 2013 by ar15news

This is a really great price on a product anyone building an AR15 can use.  Damage Industries just started selling a complete M4 collapsible stock kit.  This is a complete M4 buttstock kit that includes the Stock, Buffer Tube, Buffer, Buffer Spring, Castle Nut and End Plate.  At the introductory price of just $45 its a hard deal to beat.  I just picked up some buffer tubes, springs, castle nuts and buffers from them a few weeks ago and they are very nice quality.  Get in on this deal now.  Not sure how long they plan on keeping the introductory price around.  

Damage Industried Complete M4 buttstock kit

Kit includes: 
• M4 telescoping buttstock 
• Mil-spec receiver extension (6 position) 
• Castle nut 
• End plate 
• Buffer, recoil 
• Recoil spring, stainless

Battleline Industries S.A.P.R. for Magpul Stocks Intro Sale

Posted on March 28th, 2013 by ar15news

The first shipment of the new Magpul compatible version of the Battleline Industries S.A.P.R. (Stock Attachment Precision Rifle) are on their way to Rainier Arms right now.  Rainier Arms has made a practice of offering their initial shipment of new products to their customers at a discounted price instead of charging more for it just because everyone’s waiting for it.  The S.A.P.R. is an extremely modular precision rifle attachment  that mounts to your Magpul stocks (all except for the PRS).  I personally have been fortunate to get my hands on one of these and I’m totally surprised how much I like it.  With the S.A.P.R. I can quickly convert my AR15 from just a standard configuration to a DMR (Designated Marksman Rifle) setup utilizing the adjustable cheek riser and butt plate.  Most precision rifle stocks for the AR15 are fixed but with the S.A.P.R. you still retain the ability to adjust the length of pull on the fly.  The normal retail price is going to be $199.95 but you can get in on this first shipment for just $169.95 only at  Check out the video, pics and details below.

Battleline Industries SAPR

Battleline Industries SAPR

The Stock Attachment Precision Rifle (S.A.P.R.) Magpul variant is a lightweight adjustable attachment designed to fit all six Magpul collapsible stocks (i.e. CTR, MOE, ACS, ACS-L, UBR & STR). Weighing in at ONLY 12 oz, the Magpul variant of the S.A.P.R. was designed by Battleline Industries to allow the operator more flexibility with their weapon platform. The S.A.P.R. has a fully adjustable cheek rest and butt-pad giving the operator the ability to custom fit the weapon system to their body and equipment. This allows the shooter to maintain proper marksmanship fundamentals and facilitate more accurate shots on target.

A key feature of the S.A.P.R. is the rotaing cheek piece which rotates left or right 90 degrees allowing the shooter to transition from their primary optic to Back Up Iron Sights (BUIS) or a 45 degree off set Mini Red Dot Sight (MRDS) without any further adjustment to the cheek piece height.

The S.A.P.R. is proudly made 100% in the USA and is compatible with these weapon systems listed below, utilizing the correct AR-15 carbine stock / buffer tube adapter and any of the six Magpul collapsible stocks both Mil-Spec & Commercial.




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