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Here’s an awesome holiday sale you’re not going to want to miss out on. Now through 1/16/2017 if you buy an Action Target PT IDPA Practice Torso steel target or PT Hostage steel target you will also get your choice of either a Rimfire Blue Hostage steel target or a Rimfire Blue Tactical Torso steel target absolutely FREE. This is a no-brainer deal to get in on. Head on over to to snag your pair before they’re all gone. 

Action Target Buy One Get One Holiday Sale 1Action Target Buy One Get One Holiday Sale 1Action Target Buy One Get One Holiday Sale 1

Action Target is celebrating Veterans Day with a sale on all of their awesome paper targets. Now through Sunday you can save 30% off all paper targets at by using the code “VETSDAY2016” at checkout. 


Duration: FridaySunday.

Details: 30% off all paper targets.

Promo code: VETSDAY2016

Halfcocked Targets is offering a 20% discount on all products including Steel Targets, Knockdown Targets, Target Stands, etc. now through Memorial Day, 5-30-2016. Just use the code “Memorial” at checkout on



Honoring our fallen heroes on Memorial Day.

Celebrate/ Honor/ Remember

Promo Code: Memorial

**Press Release**

TacStrike never intended to be every shooters target company. Only to serve those who needed our products at the highest level.

Roanoke, VA – June 19th 2015 – TacStrike Systems, a leading target manufacturer and retailer, is pleased to announce a return to the core principles that made TacStrike the trainer’s choice. This move is the culmination of many influences and a desire to serve shooters more efficiently and with lower pricing. A previous move to expand the target line to be all things to all shooters dilutes our goal and makes us appear to be just another target maker. However, by redirecting focus back to the foundation of the company, streamlining and eliminating the clutter TacStrike will be serving you faster, more affordably and with proven items for your training.

As of today TacStrike’s target lineup consists of a dozen items. Targets proven by the industry’s leading instructors to be the best for the job of training fighters. This streamlined approach allows a significant reduction in prices, by more than a third in some cases, speed up delivery times and handle your needs both before and after a sale with more care.

When your rifle costs a months salary and a case of ammo is equal to a romantic weekend getaway getting quality targets at a price that doesn’t break the bank makes everyone a more motivated shooter. So here is an sample of the new prices

–  1/4 Scale Steel Target Systems are now $175. Down from $220
–  1/4 Scale Ultra Lites Steel Targets are now $155. Down from $199
–  Full Size Steel Target Systems are now $299.95. Down from $399
–  4 Packs of Arch Frame Target Carriers are now $99.95. Down from $150
See More Now… 

With the movement to this pricing structure there are now two pricing structures. The manufacturing cost and retail. Low costs and streamlined like this makes the everyday ordering procedures simple for everyone. When a quantity of item(s) is needed shipping shifts from individual boxes to pallets and freight shipping which can save even more when outfitting a range or reseller.

TacStrike’s superb quality and craftsmanship hasn’t changed and the NO BS Warranty is still in place. If you ever experience a problem with a product TacStrike will work with you to make it right as fast and painless as possible.

So join an industry leader as quality, price and customer service take a front seat to low cost, low quality alternatives.

About TacStrike

TacStrike was opened on July 4th, 2011 by Rob Tackett, with the help of his wife, close friends and some of the finest professionals in the industry.  TacStrike has continued to provide exception targets for the training of shooters in both civilian and government services. Recently providing targets for the ranges at the Ohio Tactical Officers Conference and having the Body Mass Index awarded one of the Top 10 targets of the year by the American Shooting Journal.

Our friends at TacStrike have been doing a great sale this month and I have been meaning to tell you guys about it. Through the end of the month you can save 15% and get FREE SHIPPING on 3 of TacStrike’s most popular Steel Targets. The 1/4 Scale, 1/4 Scale Ultralight and Full Size are all on sale. Just use the code “100 Yards” at checkout to get the 15% discount and free shipping. The targets on sale are the first 3 listed on the “Steel Targets” page at

TacStrike Quarter Scale Ultralight Steel Target1/4 Scale UltraLight Steel Target

TacStrike Quarter Scale Steel Target1/4 Scale Steel Target

TacStrike Full Size Steel TargetFull Size Steel Target

If you happen to be looking for a more affordable way to get into shooting Steel Targets you might want to take a look at their line of Gongs and Swinger Steel Targets including their “Shepherds Hook” targets that are an AR500 plate of steel offered in different sizes that all hang from an inexpensive metal Shepherd’s Hook that you can find in the gardening section of most stores.

TacStrike Shepherds Hook Steel Target

I just noticed that TacStrike has recently started their annual Christmas Sale. I can say from experience that there really is nothing quite like shooting steel and TacStrike produces a wide variety of what are considered some of the best Steel Targets and Target Stands in the shooting industry. Now you have a chance to save big time on a great selection of their most popular products. I’ve listed some of my personal favorites that I recommend you check out as well.

My Recommendations
–  One of my personal favorite targets I use is a combination of the Arched Frame Target Carrier and the Dropped Steel Swinger. I bought this setup on their last Christmas sale and have been abusing the heck out of it. The swinging plate really gets moving as you shoot it which helps you work on timing your shots, etc and is an inexpensive way to shoot steel. 

–  The BMI or Body Mass Index dual plate swinger is next on my list. Basically it takes the Dropped Steel Swinger that I mentioned above to the next level adding a larger steel “Torso” that swings independently creating two different moving targets. Add the Arched Frame Target Carrier and you’ve got an awesome setup.

–  If you want what the big boys are using at training courses, etc. the 1/4 Scale Steel Target System is what you need. These things are awesome and both the Ultra Light and Standard versions are on sale right now. Definitely worth checking out.

TacStrike Christmas Sale 620

Head on over to to get in on some Christmas Sale savings. Saving money on products that can take your shooting game to the next level is as good as it gets.

TacStrike is testing the waters and thinking about adding Package Deals with great savings to their website again. If there is enough interest they will add more to the site. To start they are offering a special package deal on the Tango On A String and an Arched Frame Target Carrier. The “Tango On A String” is basically a torso and head shaped AR500 steel target that hanged from a crossbar. Not only do you hear an audible confirmation when you hit your target but the target also moves adding an additional dimension to your range experience. I say lets show TacStrike that Package Deals are definitely the way to go. There are only 10 of these package deals available at just $150 so I anticipate these being gobbled up pretty quick. Take a look at the pics and details below then head on over to to order your Tango On A String Steel Target and Stand package deal. 

TacStrike Tango On A String Steel Package Deal


If you are reading this than you are part of my test bed for this new offering. Thanks for coming by.

I will have 10 of these to start with.  I will ship them all on Tuesday the 23rd.

This price is good till Friday the 19th and will only be offered on 10 units.

What you get:

1 – TacStrike Arch Frame Target Carrier

1 – TacStrike Standard Crossbar

1 – Tango On A String B/C Zone 3/8″ inch thick AR 500 Rifle Hard Steel Target

1 – Set of hardware to hang target from crossbar.

1 – Steel Target Usage Guide

1 – TacStrike SWAG pack

You will supply the wooden 2×2 uprights to set the target up. A $1.80 at the lumber store.

If there is a lot of response to this we will start adding some package sets into the website as time allows during the new website build.

Thanks Everyone!


There’s nothing quite like shooting steel targets and hearing that audible “ping” when you hit it. One of the coolest targets I shoot on a regular basis is the Drop Steel Swinger steel target I bought from TacStrike awhile back. Its basically a crossbar with 2×2 inch pocket at each end and 5×5 inch steel plate that is suspended from the crossbar. As you shoot it the steel target swings back and forth which adds an interesting dimension to it. I got an email blast from TacStrike the other day letting me know the Drop Steel Swinger was this weeks sale item and is on sale for just $50. That’s 33% cheaper than what I paid for mine which is a really nice discount. You can also pick up an Arched Frame Target Carrier Base (shown in the pictures below) on sale for just $25 while you’re at it. 

TacStrike Drop Steel Swinger – On sale for just $50

TacStrike Arched Frame Carrier – On sale for just $25

TacStrike Drop Steel Swinger Sale 1

TacStrike Drop Steel Swinger Sale 1

The guys at TacStrike are on a mission. The mission is to make shooting quality steel affordable for anyone. They’ve come up with tons of awesome options without compromising the quality of the steel being used buy creating innovative, inexpensive mounting solutions. The new “Tango On A String” target is another great example of that. This target utilizes a Head and Torso shaped target that can be mounted with something as simple as rope, chain, snap links, etc. through a single hole in the “head” of the target or they offer a version which has a hole in each “shoulder” area. The target itself is 3/8 inch thick AR 500 Steel with a Brinell Hardness of 495 or better. This means you can pretty much shoot anything you want at it and expect a lifetime of service. Take advantage of the special introductory price on the “Tango On A String” target for just $99 at

TacStrike B:C Zone Steel Hanger 1

Below is just a simple mock up of how you could mount the new target using one of TacStrike’s carriers.

620 TacStrike B:C Zone Steel Hanger

We’ve helped spread the word about sales at TacStrike for years now. They make great, high quality Steel Targets, Target Carriers, etc. Their sales usually are a short term sale on a single item. That’s definitely not the case with this sale. Right now, you can save 15% off of everything on the TacStrike website. Whether you just need a simple target stand or you want to build your own complete Steel Target range, using the code “Stand-by” at checkout will save you 15%. Don’t wait though, this sale is running this month only. Check out the awesomeness at  

620 TacStrike April Sale 2

620 TacStrike April Sale 2

I think we can all remember our Parents or Grand Parents taking us out for some backyard plinking. This usually consisted of setting up some tin cans, bottles, etc. and getting used to aiming a gun at the targets, learning how to line up the sights and pulling the trigger. It was the coolest thing to finally knock them over and feel like you were a Cowboy. Our friends at TacStrike remember those days as well and have come up an inexpensive line of small steel targets called “Backyard Memories”. These rectangular targets are designed to be hung from your run of the mill Shepherd’s Hook that can be found in any gardening section of your local store.

TacStrike Backyard Memories Steel Targets 1

TacStrike Backyard Memories Steel Targets 2Here’s a good example of how you would hang the steel targets on a Shepherd’s Hook.

Personally I can already see a few convenient benefits from this which is not having to constantly go up and put the cans back in place and not having to replace/cleanup the bullet riddled cans. As with all Steel Targets you get instant confirmation that you’ve hit your target by ringing the steel which I think kids would really enjoy which is what it’s all about. This is a great inexpensive way to set up a complete permanent backyard range for your family to enjoy and make it something you do on a normal basis instead of just when they can talk you into setting everything up.  

The Backyard Memories steel targets are made from A36 steel which is perfectly suited .22lr rifles and most handguns and start at just $14. Multiple different sizes and combo packs available for purchase at

**UPDATE From Rob at TacStrike**
The Backyard Memories Line of targets has been pulled from the website until I can do some further testing. Also the rimfire/handgun only versions of the FRB targets have been pulled as well. Anyone that has ordered those in the last few days will be automatically upgraded to the rifle hard versions. ~ Rob Tackett

Shooting Steel Targets is pretty awesome. So lets be honest! What’s the one thing that keeps most people from actually shooting Steel? It’s always been the cost that was prohibitive for some people. In the past when you did find cheaper steel targets they were junk. Well, those issues are no longer valid. TacStrike has come up with the solution with their new SFRT (Small Flat Rate Target) and MFRT (Medium Flat Rate Target) which are just $30 and $65 respectively.

As you may have guessed, Tacstrike has cut versions of their extremely high quality and popular steel targets that will now fit in the USPS Flate Rate boxes. These are the exact same 3/8″ AR500/Brinell500 Steel that is used on their more expensive target systems. The steel target itself was never the part that drove the prices up, it was the additional labor associated with building stands and brackets that came with them. The new SFRT and MFRT targets will come with a bracket on the back that attaches to a standard sign / fence post that you can find at the local hardware store for less than ten bucks. By removing the upright stand and the labor to make it the cost has been drastically reduced to the point where you can now purchase 4 or 5 for the price of one standard steel target.

TacStrike SFRT MFRT Target 620

The TacStrike SFRT 8″ x 5″ Steel Target will start at just $30 plus $6 shipping and the MFRT 11″ x 13″ Steel Target will start at just $65 plus $14 shipping. The reason I say “start at” is because they are also offering discounts packages for buying more than one. 

If you want to start shooting steel or just want to add a few more steel targets to your range area, this is the way to go. Head on over to to take advantage of this new product. These will be shipping in just a couple of weeks.

Our friends over at TacStrike, makers of the industry standard Steel Targets, decided to start early this year and are already doing a Christmas Sale on 4 of their most popular Steel Target Systems. Three out of the Four sale items are products centered around their benchmark setting 1/4 scale steel target and then one final which is their Full Size Steel Target System. Basically, whether you make your selection based on which one fits into your budget or based on which one fits your training needs best, you can’t go wrong. All of these are phenomenal products that will last you a lifetime. Check out the deals. I’ve included their original graphic below which is a bit hard to read so below that are individual pictures and links to those products. GeT sOmE!!

620 TacStrike Christmas Sale

TacStrike 1/4 Scale Ultra-Lite Steel Target

620 TacStrike Ultralight Quarter Scale Steel Target System

TacStrike 1/4 Scale Steel Target

620 TacStrike Quarter Scale Steel Target System

TacStrike GOFO Steel Target

620 TacStrike GOFO Steel Target System

TacStrike Full Size Steel Target

620 TacStrike Full Size Steel Target System

I don’t know if you want to consider this an early Black Friday Sale or just a Holiday Sale, etc. but I do know these are some awesome deals on some of the best target products available. TacStrike has 3 products that are included in this sale. First is the super popular Arched Frame Carrier, Second is the B.M.I. Double Plate Swinger and Third is the industry benchmark 1/4 Scale Steel Target System. These are all listed at well below their normal prices but you’ll want to read the details on how this deal is going to work. If you need your products right away, this isn’t a sale you’ll want to get in on. Check out the prices in the image below then head on over to for the complete sale details.

09-05-2013 TacStrike End of Year Sale 620