BAD_ASS_Ambi_SafetyEver since I bought my AR-15 I have been wishing I could change the layout of the different levers and switches.  Like, I would love it if I could have the mag release on the left side.  And wouldn’t it be nice to be able to pull your charging handle back with your left hand and operate the Bolt Release/Hold with your right hand still on the grip?  Or what about those of us who are either left handed shooters or can shoot both, wouldn’t you like to be able to use your safety selector with whichever hand you are shooting with?

Earlier this week I spoke with Roger Wang at Battle Arms Development about some of their cool new products.  There are a few companies out there that make 90 degree Ambi-Saftey-Selectors but Battle Arms Development is quickly becoming know as the leader in this market.  Their first step was to design a very customizable Ambidextrous Safety Selector called the B.A.D.A.S.S.  It allows you to choose from different 5 different style levers (Short, Standard, Thin, Short-Thin and Hybrid) and create up to 25 different combinations to create an Ambidextrous Safety Selector that best fits your use.  If you wear heavy gloves while you shoot, you might want the Standard size.  Or maybe you want a Safety Selector that is a bit smaller than your standard one, so you can go with the Thin or Short lever.  No matter what your needs are this Safety Selector will work for you.

They also have just come out with a 45 degree Ambidextrous Safety Selector that is going to change everything.  So instead of your normal 90 degree turn on the lever, now you will only need to move the lever 45 degrees.  This will make the selector much more user friendly and quicker.  Soon about a half a dozen manufacturers will be bringing out receivers designed to work with these selectors.  For liability reasons, the 45 degree selectors can only be used in 45 degree receivers that have the correct Fire/Safe markings.  Some of the receivers will also be compatible with the 90 degree selectors.  So why not change everything?  Some of the new receivers will be COMPLETELY AMBIDEXTROUS with ambidextrous Magazine Release, Bolt Release/Hold, and ambidextrous Safety Selectors.

Also they have the same type of Safety Selector for the M16 that is available as well.  It has patent pending, horizontally mounted dovetail for mounting the modular levers.  In this system, the mounting screw doesn’t bear any load, as all the pressure & shear force will be handled by the dovetail interface.

Roger Wang with Battle Arms Dev. said “The 45 degree selector, in our prediction, may become something that defines Battle Arms Dev.  In a few years, AR buyers will make a conscious choice between a 90 degree and 45 degree receiver, this is a territory few companies have been to, few products on the shelf have make the impact the 45 degree selector will.”

I am totally excited to try out the new 45 degree selector and the new receivers when they come out.  If they are everything that they say they are, there is no doubt in my mind that I will be buying one.  But until then, you can check out the best Ambidextrous Safety Selectors available and order one for yourself like I doing at their website by clicking HERE.


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M16 Ambidextrous Safety Selector (CASS-3P, M16)

M16 Ambidextrous Safety Selector (CASS-3P, M16)