AR15news - logoMagpul PMAG Maglevel 2There are many small parts to the equation of how to take your  rifle from “Good Enough” to “Ready For Anything”.  “Good Enough” is okay if your rifle is just going to hang on your wall and never see any action.  “Good Enough” is okay if you aren’t worried about being prepared for it to function flawlessly at all times, under all types of abuse.

Magpul doesn’t believe in “Good Enough” and neither should we.  Ever since the Magpul PMAG hit the market years ago it quickly became the “Must Have” item for any AR-15 owner.  Now there are millions in use today between Military, LE and Civilian users.  They are renowned for being the Toughest, Most Durable and Most Reliable magazines available.  You can go on YouTube right now and type in Magpul PMAG to see videos of people trying to destroy them by running them over with Trucks and they just keep working.

My first experience with Magpul was when I purchased a new Magpul Stock and Angled Fore Grip.  I’ve always been very impressed with anything that bares the Magpul name but I never tried the PMAGs.  I guess I just thought that my magazines were working “Good Enough”.  It didn’t take too long to get tired of my standard mags not feeding right, not wanting to seat in the magwell correctly, etc.

I now have four PMAG’s.  Two regular Magpul 30Rd PMAGs and two Magpul 30Rd PMAG MagLevels.  First thing I noticed that they are extremely lightweight but as soon as you put one in your hand you can also feel how strong they are.  These things are built like a rock.

The polymer construction ensures they are resistant to corrosion and dents that can screw up the movement of the follower.  It also allows them to be stored while loaded with a full 30 rounds and not have to worry about damaging the feed lips.  Each magazine comes with a polymer dust cover as well that can stored on the bottom of the mag during use.

They also come with a Self-Lubricating Anti-Tilt-Follower that makes loading each mag a breeze.  No more having the bullet go in at an angle.  It also helps ensure that each round feeds correctly each time for increased reliability.

The MagLevel PMAGs have all of the same features as the standard PMAGs but they also have a clear window near the bottom rear half of the magazine.  Through the window you can see one of the spirals of the spring have been painted orange which adjusts as it is compressed or depressed to show you how many rounds are still available.

I’ve put quite a few rounds through my rifle using my PMAGs and have had absolutely no issues whatsoever.  These are definitely the nicest mags I have seen so far and their only a few dollars more than your standard mags.  Exactly what I would expect from a company like Magpul.  If you want, you can check out the pictures I took of them below.  Then head on over to to check out the rest of the great products they make.

Magpul PMAG Maglevel 1

My old standard metal mag

Magpul PMAG Maglevel 2

Standard Metal Mag vs Magpul PMAG & MagLevel

Magpul PMAG Maglevel 5

The best Anti-Tilt Follower

Magpul PMAG Maglevel 6

To install the Dust Cover you hook it on the front first

Magpul PMAG Maglevel 7

Then snap the back on by pressing down

Magpul PMAG Maglevel 8

You can also store the dust cover on the bottom

Magpul PMAG Maglevel 9

Snaps in place the same way

Magpul PMAG Maglevel 12

Here you can see the Orange line indicating 25rds

Magpul PMAG Maglevel 10

Magpul PMAG

Magpul PMAG Maglevel 11

Magpul PMAG MagLevel