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Mako Security T-Pod Gen 2 II 5

Mako T-POD Gen 2

The Mako Group offer the T-POD which is a Vertical Fore Grip that with the push of a button converts into a Bipod.  The T-POD is very popular and now they have introduced the GEN 2 version.  Check out the pictures and information below and then check it out at

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The world’s best foregrip bipod has been redesigned! The rugged T-POD family of bipods has seen several years of hard combat use, and improvements to the original design have been researched and implemented.

The Mako Group introduces the T-POD Gen 2.

The G2 T-POD features a complete redesign of the shape and ergonomics. The G2 T-POD is slimmer, shorter, and features a look that matches our other grips and products, for a unified look across the weapon. While many shooters love the hand-filling shape of the original T-POD, others prefer a slimmer shape.

The G2 T-POD’s bipod is deployed by pressing a single button on the back of the grip. It is returned to a vertical foregrip by closing the two halves and pressing the legs in until they lock – no buttons required. Each leg still has a button that allows it to be adjusted independently for height.


. MIL-SPEC reinforced polymer, aluminum and steel construction.
. Transforms from a vertical foregrip to a fully functional bipod with the touch of a button.
. Each leg is independently adjustable for height.
. Holding the halves together and pressing the legs upward locks the G2-T-POD into a vertical grip again.
. Design matches the look of other Mako accessories.
. G2 T-PODs are thinner and more compact then the original T-PODs.
. Quick-release rail mount.

(T-POD G2 PR only): . Features a self-centering pivot system.
. Includes pressure switch mount which may be mounted left or right.

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