AR15news - logoUS Peacekeeper LogoA couple of weeks ago I was changing out some parts on my rifle and I got so frustrated because it seemed like every other time I needed a tool I couldn’t find it.  Either it was in the bottom of my tool box or out in the garage somewhere (or my son was using my armorer’s wrench as a weapon of some sort).  So I’d run upstairs to the garage and rummage through my tool boxes and cabinets, finally find the tool I needed and then go back downstairs to finish working on my gun.

I realized that I needed a way to organize all of the tools that I use for gunsmithing, not just keep them together in a tool box.  Luckily US Peacekeeper already has that covered.

They have a new tool case out called the Soft Armorer’s System which is designed specifically for organizing all of your gunsmithing tools.  It has a zipper front pocket and on the inside it has two pouches to put larger tools in and four smaller pockets with Velcro flaps for smaller pieces.  It also has 4 Velcro loops to hold onto your Armorer’s Wrench and Armorer’s Hammer.

This is definitely a nice, inexpensive way of helping organize all or your gear.  Can’t go wrong for only $35.  Head on over to US Peacekeeper to get yours.  I’ll probably beat you there to get mine!

US PeaceKeeper Soft Armorers Tool Bag 1

US PeaceKeeper Soft Armorers Tool Bag 2