First I just need to say “Thanks” to all of you that have chosen to be part of the AR15news Facebook family.  Second a big “Thanks” to our sponsors of this giveaway.  Strike Industries and Phase 5 Tactical.  You guys truly are awesome.  I appreciate all of you making it a fun, interactive place to learn about new products for the AR-15, tactical gear and to discuss the rifle itself.

Back in April of this year when I really started to post on the AR15news Facebook fanpage with 23 fans I never thought we would be here so fast.  Now we are already looking forward to our next giveaway at 2,500 fans in the very near future.  Hang in there if you haven’t already won something you might be next!  🙂

Here is what the winner will receive:

  • Strike Industries Cobra Series Trigger Guard
  • Phase 5 Tactical MB-5SP muzzle brake, EBRv2, and your choice of T-Shirt and Patch.


Alright, who wants to see who won?

Please refrain from saying the winners name on Facebook.  Helps keep the excitement up!  🙂



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