One of the coolest items that seems to really be gaining popularity recently are the wicked looking Tomahawks.  The Tomahawk is obviously not a new weapon by any means but it is also a great “Tool”.  And the fact that this ancient weapon/tool is still in use says a lot.  Everyone thinks they are just for sticking in some terrorists forehead but the list of uses for this “Tool” is endless.

Unfortunately the popular Tomahawks are not cheap.  If you’re looking for one, GG&G makes a really nice Tomahawk called the Battle Hawk which you can get 25% off your choice of two colors, Matte Black or Combat Gray!  The Tan and OD Green are regular price.  I like the Matte Black myself.  Check out the pictures and additional information below!

The GG&G BATTLE HAWK Tactical Tomahawk is an extreme use combat tool. In fact the original plant manufacturing designation code was CUT (COMBAT UTILITY TOOL). As can be seen by the overall geometry and aggressive multiple cutting edge head design, it is meant for aggressive use, very aggressive use. In addition to the head, the three inch Tanto shaped spike will definitely get the job done. The double contour of the handle and the fine weave G10KG Micarta scales, provide a positive and solid long and short grip for the user.

We chose Crucible S7 tool steel for the BATTLE HAWK tactical axe because it is shock resistant, high impact resistant and withstands chipping and breaking. The material is heat treated and hardened to Rc 56-58. It is meant to hold up to tough treatment. Although S7 is corrosion resistant, we powder coat the BATTLE HAWK combat tomahawk in four colors: Matte Black, Matte OD Green, Matte Desert Tan, and Matte Combat Gray. The Kydex sheath with Tek-Loc fastener is included and is only offered in black.

Special Added Bonus:The 38 minute training DVD created by the professionals at The Warrior School is now included at no extra charge with your purchase of the Battle Hawk military axe. This dynamic DVD includes straightforward combative techniques as well as crisis field demonstrations specific to the Battle Hawk including vehicle extractions and breaking through a cinder block wall. Close quarter combat experts Jeffrey Prather and Darin Ashley lead you step-by-step through over 80 lethal and non-lethal combat techniques with your Battle Hawk including fighting techniques against knife and bayonet attacks as well as sentry interdiction.

The GG&G Battle Hawk is available for purchase HERE.