wilson_combat_logoWhen fine tuning your AR-15 for accuracy, one of the most effective parts you can upgrade is the trigger.  The hard part is figuring out which trigger is right for you.  In my case I wanted a trigger with a light pull that brakes clean and crisp for longer range accuracy but also has a quick reset to allow for fast followup shots during rapid fire.  Kind of sounds like two different triggers but Wilson Combat has designed a complete trigger replacement that gives you the best of both worlds.  It’s called the Wilson Combat TTU 3G which stands for Tactical Trigger Unit, 3-Gun.  

As the name suggests this particular version of Wilson Combat’s TTU is designed for the very popular sport of 3-Gun Competition.  3-Gun competitors need to have a rifle that allows them to do very fast double taps on target, even faster than what can be done with a standard AR-15 trigger.  The TTU 3-Gun gives you that ability by giving you a short and extremely light 3.5-4 Lb. break which is then followed up by a lightning quick trigger reset.  This reduces your “pull / reset / pull” range of motion and dramatically increases your speed!

I truly appreciate the full range of performance that an AR-15 rifle offers.  Having a rifle that can be an outstanding in Close Quarters and then reach out and touch a target at hundreds of yards is amazing.  No surprise it has been used by the US Military for so long.  The nice part about this trigger is that not only is it great at the faster 3-Gun type shooting but it has also helped me improve my longer range accuracy.  As I mentioned before, the TTU 3G has a very short and light break which makes it feel very much like a high end precision rifle trigger.  It was a truly impressive comparison to shoot before and after the trigger replacement.   As soon as your brain says “NOW” you are sending one down range.  No lag time, no creep, just GO!  Timing is everything and with this trigger it’s on time every time.

Installation was also very easy.  Because the TTU is a self contained trigger module it is as easy as dropping the unit in place and installing the pins.  No adjustments, no loose parts, just drop it in and it’s ready.  As Wilson Combat’s website states, it really only takes about 1 minute to install.  I have included the Wilson Combat installation video below so you can see just how easy and quick it is.



I’ll be honest, I absolutely love this trigger.  I wasn’t sure which one would fit my needs at first but a quick email to Wilson Combat and they gave me the recommendation of the TTU 3-Gun and it’s totally blown me away.  As I do a review on a product I always try to find at least one Con.  The only Con I could find was the price being at $269.95.  However, after using the TTU and experiencing it for myself I think the price is more than justified.  I have personally recommended this trigger to numerous AR buddies looking for advice on which trigger to get and will continue to do so until Wilson Combat figures out how to improve on perfection.

The Wilson Combat TTU 3-Gun as well as many other high quality AR’s, 1911 Pistol’s and custom accessories are available for purchase online at WilsonCombat.com.

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