A few months ago Leitner-Wise Defense asked me to check out one of their new products and share about it with you.  LWD makes quite a few different items for the AR-15 including a lightweight quick change handguard, high performance bolt, etc.  Today I will share about their very nice Fluid Sling Mount.  

One of the issues with a standard AR-15 is that they don’t come with a good sling attachment option aside from running some webbing through the rear stock.  As you can see in the picture below the Leitner-Wise Defense Fluid Sling Mount is a drop-in replacement for your standard AR-15 endplate that incorporates a rotating QD sling attachment point.  This is in my opinion the optimum position for a rear sling mount.

The FSM is built like a tank, made out of two pieces of solid steel bar stock and is Nitride coated for wear and corrosion resistance and held together by a very robust snap ring.  The Fit and Finish is very clean and most of the machining on the FSM is virtually undetectable.

As the name of the product states the rotation is a very fluid movement that allows you to switch to either Left or Right handed shooting without the need to disconnect your sling.  This would be particularly beneficial in a situation for instance where a soldier either has to engage in a firefight from behind cover on his left and right or if an injury forces the shooter to switch hands.

One concern I initially had was that the FSM would be in the way of a shooter who gripped the weapon with their shooting hand high on the pistol grip.  I quickly realized that that wasn’t the case as the FSM swings to the side totally out of the way.  Most people tend to grip the weapon a bit lower anyways.

If you are looking to upgrade your AR-15 with a end plate sling attachment he Leitner-Wise Defense Fluid Sling Mount definitely deserves a look.  It is a very nice, robustly built upgrade for any AR-15.  The FSM has been approved for use by several active duty military units and is standard issue on the premium line of Leitner-Wise Defense rifles. 

The Fluid Sling Mount and other Leitner-Wise Defense products are available for purchase online at TAREINCO.com.

You can an eye out for all new products on the Leitner-Wise Defense Facebook page.