California based Tactical Flashlight manufacturer, Kellan, has introduced a very unique new line of weapon lights that can be controlled using their multifunction tailcap switch OR…this is the cool part…by wireless remote controls built into the front/rear grip of the weapon.  They’ve been very carefully engineered to make sure there is zero chance of frequency interference or interaction.  Read the rest of this article to see the pictures and more details. 

My first thought was what happens when you are in a CQB situation with another team member who has this same setup on his rifle.  Can it activate his light too?  That was obviously their first thought as well as it was one of the first things they addressed. 

“Each Kellan ™ tactical flashlight is coded to pair with it’s specified remote. Not only is the signal coded, it is also transferred using phase-shift keying technology. This signal does not use a specific radio frequency and is considered background noise, therefore unidentifiable to jam.”

The signal from the remote control can be recognized from up to 23′ away so there is no issue with where you position the controls on the weapon.  You can also have them position the buttons where ever you want on the grip to ensure the best fit for you.  They currently offer three different modes of remote activation which are 1.) built into the pistol grip of an AR-15 or AK-47, 2.) built into a Vertical Fore Grip or 3.) a slim touch-pad remote tape switch.

AR-15 Remote Control Grip. US Palm AR-15 Grip version also available.


US Palm AK-47 Remote Control Grip


If the remote controls weren’t cool enough you should check out the flashlight specs.

The lights are rated at 347.5 blinding lumens.  They are also waterproof (operable) up to 100 feet.  Each light weighs in at 3.3 ounces.  Their are 8 output levels and you can purchase different interchangeable heads.  Infrared, Ultraviolet, Red and Green in: 1 LED, 3 LED (510 lumens), 4 LED (1,338 lumens)

I really like the ingenuity and design put into these lights.  No more wires to get in the way or tangled up and some pretty impressive specs on the lights as well.

You can find more information about these awesome new Grips and Lights at