This Light Weight Bolt Carrier is a really cool new product from Loki Weapon Systems.  I asked Erik Davis at Loki Weapon Systems about it and here is a synopsis of what he told me.  The Light Weight Bolt Carrier is designed for use by those who are looking to reduce the recoil of their rifle to the absolute lowest point possible by combining it with an adjustable gas block, stiffer buffer spring and a lighter buffer.  This combination can take the recoil down to nearly nothing.  

For instance, lets say you are a 3GUN Competition Shooter.  Your job is to run through a course putting two hits on each target in the lowest time  possible.  The lower the recoil the easier that job is.  In this scenario this would obviously be a great set up. 

This new Bolt Carrier only weighs in at just 6.8 ounces and is coated with micro slick.  You may be familiar with Micro Slick as we’ve talked about it before.  It’s basically a dry film lubricant that is used in race cars to reduce friction. The Light Weight Bolt Carrier is staked properly and chrome lined per milspec and the forward assist serrations are full length for proper function.  This is a semi auto Bolt Carrier not full auto.

You can see in the pictures that they have taken the time to carefully remove any extra weight by machining away certain parts of the Bolt Carrier.

This Light Weight Bolt Carrier is not available just yet on but you can order one by calling them at (580) 889-5504 or email at [email protected].  ( They were running low on supply at time of publishing this article but had a few left)

Pricing is $175 as pictured above or $225 for a complete BCG.

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